Episode 24: 10 Years Ago Today
– Local Spotlight: Twins Smoke Shop; Hookset

The Hidden Herf is a special treat for the panel, it also demonstrates how individual palates change over time. We take our time with the events and discuss other topics related to each lounge or event. Cow Tongue and Aganorsa tobaccos work their way in to the talk. A few anecdotes from Comedy Chris keep us in stitches. Everything from boiled peanuts to an exploding charcoal grill is open for discussion. We add a new member to the Cigar Hacks; The Bearded Blunder, and he fits right in.

Current Events: See CigarPlanner.com for more details, filter by your state or city.

Local Spotlight: Twins Smoke Shop – Hookset, NH. A compact but friendly lounge and smoke shop that carries cigars, pipes and coffee.

Conspiracy Corner: In lieu of conspiracy corner (no conspiracy Hacks are with us for this episode) we go is a few different directions. Nurse Rick uses power tools!

An actual DIY “Cigar Hack” – how to make a lighter purge tool for free.

Twins Smoke Shop – Hookset, NH

Hidden Herf 24 / DIY Lighter Purge Tool / Kickstarter Purge Tool

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