Episode 272: Saturday Afternoon at Plaistow Cigar
– Local Spotlight: The Cigar Den; New Brunswick, NJ

Hanging out at Plaistow Cigar on a Saturday Afternoon with a full compliment of Hacks we initiate a new Hack. The Mailbag is full and the Hidden Herf is hit or miss with the panel. The Reverend gets himself into hot water a couple times. Controversy Corner goes in a different direction, four or five topics are submitted by the panelists and we pick one as the winner.

Local Spotlight – The Cigar Den; New Brunswick, NJ

Controversy Corner – Multiple Choice

Episode 271: Vintage Cigar Night
– Local Spotlight: Castro’s Back Room; Manchester, NH

We sit down with Eric “Killer” Kilbane of Castro’s Back Room Cigar Shops. Eric pulls out a few cigar selections from the vault for us to sample, most have been aging for approximately 20 years. It’s a cast of eleven with non-stop laughs. We have been anticipating this episode for over a month and the shop is packed on a Sunday evening for the show. We initiate another new Hack. Gringo Stah is in town with the Florida Report.

Local Spotlight – Castro’s Back Room; Manchester, NH

Controversy Corner – Will the real President please stand up?

Episode 270: The 2022 Hackie Awards Special
– Local Spotlight: El Toro; Hudson, NH

Another year passes and we find ourselves handing out another set of awards for some of the best things of the past year. We pull in a couple of lounge regulars (Mike & Steve) to add color commentary. If this wasn’t the awards show we could have call it the medical episode or the boobies episode. The Hidden Herf is an accidental repeat and oddly enough receives a similar rating to the previous.

Local Spotlight – El Toro; Hudson, NH

Controversy Corner – A Magnificent Controversy after 5 years

Episode 269: The Wives’ Special – A Cigar Family New Year
– Local Spotlight: The Lancero Lounge

It’s New Year’s Eve at the (undisclosed location) Lancero Lounge, with the Hacks extended cigar family. Four (or five) of the wives join the panel for a special episode where we get the ladies’ perspective on the Cigar Family concept. Plenty of laughs, cigars, and even some reflection points as we start 2023. The Hidden Herf is another winner setting the bar for the rest of the year.

Local Spotlight – The Lancero Lounge

Controversy Corner – Beating them at their own cheating game

Episode 268: A Shack Holiday Party
– Local Spotlight: The Tobacco Shack; Rowley, MA

It’s the Tobacco Shack Holiday Party 2022. The lounge is jammed and the band is playing when we arrive, but we are recording after hours so it’s quieted down. We have a laid-back episode with a few gifts and a decent Hidden Herf. It’s just what the doctor ordered with the kind of day we were all having.

Local Spotlight – The Tobacco Shack; Rowley, MA

Controversy Corner – Random “Magnificent” Selections

Episode 267: Football Christmas w/Steve DeOssie
– Local Spotlight: Two Guys Smoke Shop; Seabrook, NH

We’re at Two Guys Smoke Shop in Seabrook NH for the annual Christmas Party where we run into former NFL Player and radio / TV commentator Steve DeOssie. If you like football and cigars this is the episode for you! Mr. Bojimbles is back and he pegs the Hidden Herf right out of the gate.

Local Spotlight – Two Guys Smoke Shop; Seabrook, NH

Controversy Corner – Jones vs. Zappe

Episode 266: Triple Threat, Are You Man Enough
– Local Spotlight: Molon Labe at Plaistow Cigar Co; Plaistow, NH

It’s like three episodes in one. We attend the Molon Labe Cigars, Spirits and Coffee event at Plaistow Cigar. AndrĂ© from Live Free Distillery joins us for the first segment. Steve from Molon Labe Cigars takes the second segment and tells us about the Cigars and the Coffee from New Hampshire Coffee Roasters. The ladies, Ann and Megan, take over for the third segment.

Local Spotlight – Molon Labe at Plaistow Cigar Co; Plaistow, NH

Controversy Corner – Pearl Harbor

Episode 265: Rocky Patel Interview Special
– Local Spotlight: Federal Cigar’s Slow Burn Lounge; Portsmouth, NH

After recording #246 a few Hacks head up to the Federal Cigar 100th Anniversary event with Rocky Patel, where he is releasing the DBS and Edge 20th Anniversary. A few cocktails and a couple cigars latter it last call and Rocky says “Let’s do a podcast right now!” So we find ourselves literally in “The After Hours Lounge in the back room of the best cigar shop east of just west of this very location” doing an impromptu interview with Rocky Patel. This is over an hour of Rocky telling us his personal story of how it all happened and what ultimately led up to these two great cigar releases.

Local Spotlight – Federal Cigar‘s Slow Burn Lounge; Portsmouth, NH

Episode 264: Mainstream Matty & Pat McGroin
– Local Spotlight: DT&T at Plaistow Cigar Co; Plaistow, NH

Returning to the scene of the Flat Earth episode, we’re back in Plaistow for the Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Event. Joined by the local Dunbarton rep Brian, we have a lot of laughs and smoke a fine Hidden Herf. The Duster makes an appearance and the Reverend explains Double-D Marie.

Local Spotlight – Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust at Plaistow Cigar Co; Plaistow, NH

Controversy Corner – NFL Magnetism

Episode 263: Olivia!
– Local Spotlight: The Diplomat Cigar Lounge; Keene, NH

The Hacks make the long drive out to Keene, NH on Black Friday to check out a new cigar bar called The Diplomat. We are joined by special guests “AKA Fred”, The Cigar Queen, and Josh for a run-down of the cigar scene in the southwestern corner of New Hampshire. The Hidden Herf turns out to be a surprise for the entire panel. The Reverend has Olivia on the mind.

Local Spotlight – The Diplomat Cigar Lounge; Keene, NH

Controversy Corner – No Politics allowed in a cigar lounge.