Episode 124: It’s Just Depressing
– Local Spotlight: Smoking at the Firepits

Just about every cigar lounge is in an area affected by some form of shutdown due to the Covid-19 response. Most shops have resorted to curb-side pickup only. Call ahead to your favorite shop and support them in this time of uncertainty. It’s a challenge doing a podcast that focuses on cigar lounges when they are all closed. It’s just depressing, but we will forge ahead with creativity and adapting to the environment. Even this weeks Hidden Herf is a bit depressing.

Video references – Coronavirus Rhapsody

Local Spotlight – Smoking at the Firepits

Conspiracy Corner – 5G and Covid-19; what’s behind it all?

Hidden Herf 124 / Firepits

Episode 123: The Corona Special
– Local Spotlight: Castro’s Back Room; Concord, NH

It’s all “Corona” this episode; we’re smoking one, drinking one, singing a few, and talking about yet another one. We have the return of a regular personality and Nurse Rick picks out the Hidden Herf.  Many current events have been canceled or postponed but cigar retail operation are generally still available, we detail the specifics for our regular rotation.

Video references – My Corona, Rodney Carrington, 9 Coronas

Local Spotlight – Castro’s Back Room; Concord, NH

Conspiracy Corner – Lock-downs, Tampa-Tom Brady, the Primary & 4-10-20

Hidden Herf 123 / Castro’s Back Room; Concord, NH

Episode 122: C.L.E. Cigars with Christian & Jim
– Local Spotlight: Slow Burn lounge; Dover, NH

With our special guests, Christian Eiroa and Jim Price of C.L.E Cigars, we come to you direct from Federal Cigar and the Slow Burn Lounge in Dover NH. Christian tells us stories about his company, C.L.E Cigars, as well as his family’s history and a little about their brand; JRE Tobacco. It’s another unique discussion in typical Hack fashion with lots of laughs and an extended panel. Jeremy is on hand to tell us about the lounge and what’s shaking at the venue. Nurse Rick reminds us to wash our hands to avoid getting sick.

Video Reference – Squirrel Man and His Jam Band

Local Spotlight – Slow Burn lounge; Dover, NH

Conspiracy Corner – The Coronavirus killed a few folks, but they were never infected.

Hidden Herf 122 / The Oscuro One / H&S Lamp

Slow Burn Lounge; Dover, NH

Episode 121: The Nashville Special from Radloff’s
– Local Spotlight: Casa De Montecristo; Nashville, TN

Direct from Radloff’s Cigar Shop and On the Rox Lounge in Rochester, NH we have a few of the Radloff Regulars on to talk about cigars, the Nashville tornado, Coronavirus, and more. Family Jules pegs the Hidden Herf. The Cigar world is smaller than you think. We checked in with Nashville Dave early in the week to get a report on the tornado situation. Nurse Rick is fishing for a PJ and tells his Tennessee Mushroom story. Jamie gives a snowmobile report from the Canadian border.

Local Spotlight – Radloff’s; Rochester, NH & Casa De Montecristo; Nashville, TN

Conspiracy Corner – The Coronavirus scare continued.

Hidden Herf 121

Episode 120: Shack Attack with Mike the Cop
– Local Spotlight: The Tobacco Shack; Rowley, MA

The stars are finally in alignment and we do an episode with Mike the Cop from Rocky Patel. He’s doing his first event at the Tobacco Shack and Hacks are in the Shack. Gringo Stah nails the Hidden Herf early on. We have a large audience on hand and many participate in the Hidden Herf.

Local Spotlight – The Tobacco Shack; Rowley, MA

Conspiracy Corner – The Coronavirus scare.

Hidden Herf 120 / The Tobacco Shack


Episode 119: New Hack City
– Local Spotlight: Smokers Abbey, East Nashville, TN

We bring on a group of newly minted Cigar Hacks for a live lounge recording out of The 7-20-4 Lounge upstairs at Twins Smoke Shop in Londonderry, NH. The Caballero, Gringo Stah, White Chocolate, The Silver Fox, and Uber/Creepy Dave jump right in with a couple of the regulars and the fun begins. The Hidden Herf is a “special treat” for the panel; well, maybe not.

Local Spotlight – Smokers Abbey, East Nashville, TN

Conspiracy Corner – The Dems and Bernie, Structures on the moon, and a Royals recap.

Hidden Herf 119

Episode 118: Eighty Eight
– Local Spotlight: Rocky Patel Event at Plaistow Cigar; Plaistow NH

We have recovered from Hackapalooza 2020 and get some well deserved small group therapy. It’s just four on the panel this week and it’s just what we needed to slow things down and get deeper into some topics. We still have a bit of fun with the “mash-up” and a few good jokes along with plenty of cigar talk. The Hidden Herf was almost stumbled over with a wise-crack but no one picked up on it and again we have a stumper.

Local Spotlight – Rocky Patel Event at Plaistow Cigar; Plaistow NH

Conspiracy Corner – Deep-State swap update. The Federal Reserve history and tie-in back to cigars. The Gold Standard.

Hidden Herf 118

Episode 117: Hackapalooza 2020
– Local Spotlight: The Tobacco Shack, Radloff’s, Etc.

It’s the 2nd annual Hackapalooza (AKA RetroHack Spectacular) weekend. On the last evening after the Superbowl we hit record and recap all the zany things from the past two and a half days. This episode could be titled “The 100 Minute Laugh Track”. After two plus days of non-stop cigars and booze the panel is in rare form. The Hidden Herf is compliments of JoJo Mo and stumps the panel.

Hackapalooza is the annual gathering of The Cigar Hacks and The Retrohale from NH, MA, PA, NC, MS, CO, and now TN. It’s a smoke filled weekend of fun and adventure as we travel around the countryside in the mobile smoking lounge limos we call the Oscuro and Oscuro II.

Local Spotlight – The Tobacco Shack, The Domicile, The Cigar Authority, Twins Smoke Shop, The Railpenny Tavern, Radloff’s on the Rox Lounge, Enema Lake, Plaistow Cigar Co., and Football on the House.

Conspiracy Corner – Harry and Meghan; the royals, or maybe not…

Hidden Herf 117 / Hackapalooza 2020


Episode 116: Ladies Night with the Dunbarton Girls
– Local Spotlight: Castro’s Back Room; Bedford, NH

The Dunbarton Girls, Cindy Saka and Yvonne Ramée, are joined by The Brooklyn Chick for a raucous time. Eric Kilbane, the owner of Castro’s Back Room, drops in to see us and, of course, we suck him right in to the episode.

Local Spotlight – Castro’s Back Room; Bedford, NH

Conspiracy Corner – Substantial Equivalence

Hidden Herf 116 / The Dunbarton Girls / Smoke Inn Drag Event


Episode 115: Direct from I-24 with Nashville Dave
– Local Spotlight: Hack-a-Palooza Preview

We make a surprise call to Nashville Dave just before the show and he joins us on the panel for a chat through rural Kentucky. The Hidden Herf is another surprise and is a bit strong for the mild cigar smokers. We talk about cigars, the upcomming annual gatrhering of The Retro-Hacks and a little on trucking.

Local Spotlight – Hack-a-Palooza Preview

Conspiracy Corner – We put Nashville Dave on the spot.

Hidden Herf 115