Episode 255: Return of the Dominator
– Local Spotlight: Plaistow Cigar; Plaistow, NH

Just like a good cigar, the profile of this episode ramps up as the time goes on. The Dominator comes down from the north country and we have a special guest, Long Haul Mark, who schools us on the car carrier business. The laugh-O-Meter climbs in the second half with Matty the Magnificent leading the way. The Hidden Herf almost stumps the panel, they get too many clues.

Local Spotlight – Plaistow Cigar; Plaistow, NH

Controversy Corner – Weather Control

Episode 254: Pura Soul w/Robert and Bugsy
– Local Spotlight: The Tobacco Shack; Rowley, MA

Robert Wright of Pura Soul Cigars drops in to The Tobacco Shack where we have him on the podcast. Our local Pura Soul rep, Bugsy, is also in the house. We learn all about Robert and his journey to Pura Soul cigars. The Hidden Herf is a surprise because of the vitola.

Local Spotlight – The Tobacco Shack; Rowley, MA

Controversy Corner – Controlling us with the narrative

Episode 253: Aladino Cigars w/Justo and Andrea Eiroa
– Local Spotlight: Two Guys Smoke Shop; Seabrook, NH

We have a sit-down with Justo and Andrea Eiroa of JRE Tobacco and Aladino Cigars during the Aladino Cigar event at Two Guys in Seabrook. Mr. Bojimbles jumps in for the interview with Justo and Andrea. We learn a few things and have a few laughs. The Hidden Herf, a lancero, surprises the panel and receives high rating.

Local Spotlight – Two Guys Smoke Shop; Seabrook, NH

Controversy Corner – Landing on the Vineyard

Episode 252: Molon Labe Cigars
– Local Spotlight: Victory and Michael’s Cigar Bars; Worcester, MA

We are joined by Steve and Blake from Molon Labe Cigar this week. Molon Labe Cigar is a local New Hampshire company, we learn all about their cigars and the journey. We record this episode out back by the pond at The Saddle Up Saloon in Kingston, NH. The Hidden Herf receives a top rating.

Local Spotlight – Victory and Michael’s Cigar Bars; Worcester, MA

Controversy Corner – Shutting Down the Protest

Episode 251: Trumpets of Success
– Local Spotlight: The Cigar Station; Spring Hill, TN

No rowing was required as we do another episode out on the boat. No fish were harmed (or caught) in the production of this episode. We swear in, or at, a new Hack and have him read some cringe-worthy urban dictionary entries. The Hidden Herf is picked out by Nurse Rick at the 11th hour. The second half of this episode goes in a few directions, but not without a few good laughs.

Local Spotlight – The Cigar Station; Spring Hill, TN

Controversy Corner – Crossing the Line

Episode 250: The Florida Report
– Local Spotlight: The Cigar Quarters; Haines City, FL

Direct from Ricky’s Recluse, AKA the screen house, we have a new guy and an old guy join us. We do a call-in interview with the owners of The Cigar Quarters. Ricky brings us a great Hidden Herf from his trip and fills us in on his cigar lounge travels.

Local Spotlight – The Cigar Quarters; Haines City, FL

Controversy Corner – Buying Votes??

Episode 248: The United Nations
– Local Spotlight: El Toro; Hudson, NH

Direct from El Toro, with all nations represented, we’re back at one of our favorite lounges and are joined by a few of the regulars. We have a follow up on a couple of topics from last week. The Hidden Herf stumps the panel, but is well received. Smoke along while we tell stories and talk cigars, etc.

Local Spotlight – El Toro; Hudson, NH

Controversy Corner – It’s a raid!

Episode 247: Who’s Line Is It?
– Local Spotlight: Night Fishing on the Lake

We are on the S.S. Low Voltage, where the weights are made up, and the fish don’t matter! It’s our first time this summer doing the show from the boat. We have a couple of Comedy Chris’ out-of-town relatives who join in on the fun. The Hidden Herf gets a decent rating but no close guesses.

Local Spotlight – Night Fishing on the Lake

Controversy Corner – How deep is your well?

Episode 246: Associazione Amici BBQ
– Local Spotlight: Associazione Amici Smoking Patio

This week we find ourselves invited to the Amici Club in Medford, MA. for a BBQ and Cigars. We are joined on the show by Angelo, Gus, Andrew, and Paul with dozens of fellow cigar enthusiasts in the background. The members tell us about the Amici Club while smoking the hidden Herf. Lots of guesses but no one gets close.

Local Spotlight – Associazione Amici Club and Smoking Patio

Controversy Corner – Traffic, Traffic, Traffic