Episode 187: The Better Brother
– Local Spotlight: Ooops!

Nurse Rick is on assignment in sunny Southern California visiting future Local Spotlight lounges. Taco Steve, the better brother, joins us this week and we have a few laughs at Nurse Rick’s expense. The mailbag is full and the Hidden Herf is well received. We completely skipped over the Local Spotlight – oh well there’s always next week.

Local Spotlight – Ooops!

Controversy Corner – Extended Unemployment, the real reason for it.

Hidden Herf 187 / New Swag

Episode 186: Wicked Cigars
– Local Spotlight: Route One BNG at The Breakaway; Danvers, MA

This week we are at the Route One BNG (Business Networking Group) open event. It is a gathering of local businesses that includes cigars, a bar and pizza. Impromptu, we are joined by Scott Whitley, BNG member and host of the Boston radio and TV show; Wicked Bites. Scott and the Hacks talk with various Rt. 1 BNG members, who just happen to be cigar smokers too. It’s like a pop-up cigar lounge on the back patio at The Breakaway. The cigar stories are great and the banter around the economic perspective from the folks in the trenches is priceless.

Wicked Bites Radio and TV
New England Tree Company
Saugus Karate Kung Fu
Northeastern Fence
First Class Processing

Local Spotlight – Route One BNG at The Breakaway; Danvers, MA

Controversy Corner – Some things are going up in price artificially.

Episode 185: Memorial Day
– Local Spotlight: Twins Smoke Shop; Londonderry, NH

It’s Memorial Day so we have some special segments and topics. The mail-bag is a classic this week, thanks Nick from RI. Plume research is in the future with a potential mail-in example. The Hidden Herf looks familiar but then it doesn’t because it’s box-pressed. Then there’s the “Storage Juice” story.

Local Spotlight – Twins Smoke Shop; Londonderry, NH

Controversy Corner – Did it come from a lab?

Hidden Herf 185

Episode 184: Return to the Ranch
– Local Spotlight: Cigars R Us; Danvers, MA

Direct from the Mustang Ranch in New Hampshire on a perfect spring evening, the birds are chirping, the horses are out in the field, and the other wild life is about. It’s a perfect time and place for a cigar and some Tennessee¬† moonshine. Lots of cigar news this week. The Hidden Herf is a new release and it receives high marks overall.

Local Spotlight – Cigars R Us; Danvers, MA

Controversy Corner – Global Cooling

Hidden Herf 184 / Antique Cigar Cutter


Episode 183: You’re Not Southern
– Local Spotlight: Smoke & Flame; Pelham, NH

We get into how southern The Rev. Harvey is. The Hidden Herf goes in a different direction, we each choose a prefered vitola and we have panelists smoking three different sizes of the same cigar where it receives high marks. State flowers, birds and wild life are some of the side topics. We have fireworks in the background at just the right time.

Local Spotlight – Smoke & Flame; Pelham, NH

Controversy Corner – Elective Audits

Hidden Herf 183

Episode 182: Not Quite in the Street
– Local Spotlight: Radloff’s Cigar Shop and On the Rox Lounge; Rochester, NH

On the road again in the Oscuro III up to Radloff’s. It’s not warm enough to do the show outside, but almost! The cast is in rare form this week as the bad jokes are flying. The Hidden Herf takes kind of a left turn. Jamie takes a break from tending bar to sit down with us for a while.

Local Spotlight – Radloff’s Cigar Shop and On the Rox Lounge; Rochester, NH

Controversy Corner – China Moon

Hidden Herf 182

Episode 181: Rabbi Cut-Above Takes Exit 199
– Local Spotlight: Vintage Cigar Lounge & Club; Westerly, RI

This week we are joined by Rabbi Cut-Above (aka Mike from New Jersey). Another fun episode with lots of laughs! We discuss multiple cigar related topics and Rabbi Cut-Above tells about his local NJ shops. The Hidden Herf is a bit of a surprise and no one has a reasonable guess.

Local Spotlight – Vintage Cigar Lounge & Club; Westerly, RI

Controversy Corner – 4% of the internet

Hidden Herf 181 / Vintage Cigar Lounge

Episode 180: Hamlet from Rocky Patel Special
– Local Spotlight: Hamlet Cigars

Hamlet Paredes, master cigar roller, from Rocky Patel is our special guest this week. We are also joined by Mike the Cop, our local Rocky Patel rep and winner of a “Rep of the Year” Hackie Award in 2020. The weather is perfect for our first outdoor episode of the year, the fire pit is lit and so are the cigars! Sit back and relax while we transport you to sitting by fire pit with Hamlet and the rest of the folks. It’s the usual Hack shenanigans and laughs with our friends.

Local Spotlight – Hamlet Cigars

Controversy Corner – Kennedy connections in the 50’s

Hidden Herf 180

Episode 179: Where is White Chocolate?
– Local Spotlight: El Toro Cigar & Lounge; Hudson, NH

In-lounge at the new location of El Toro Cigar & Lounge, we get a preview of what’s coming when they reopen. We are joined by the the shop owners; Netal and Vilma, a few regulars, and our local Pura Soul Cigar representative; Bugsy. The Hidden Herf is from Pura Soul and receives high marks. The mail bag is full again and we have another first time write-in. It’s Dapper Cigars, not the other thing.

Local Spotlight – El Toro Cigar and Lounge; Hudson, NH

Controversy Corner – Weather Control and Crypto Curriencies

Episode 178: Try Not To Laugh
– Local Spotlight: March Madness at the Domicile

With a cast of eight in rare form, the Podcast Juice is flowing and it shows. The Hidden Herf is a great choice and is well received, but it’s guessed instantly by a couple of the panel members. We reinstate the Current Events error “bar” because the list is so long.

Local Spotlight – March Madness at the Domicile

Controversy Corner – Connecting the dots to Georgia

Hidden Herf 178