Episode 95: Hacky Birthday
– Local Spotlight: The Domicile’s Staircase?

A large percentage of the panel has a birthday within a few weeks of Labor Day so we have a bit of party before and during recording. We go off the rails early and this makes for a lot of laughs and some editing challenges. The Hidden Herf is a wild card with not one close guess. Recheck the math on the average rating and see what you get.

Local Spotlight – The Domicile’s Staircase?

Conspiracy Corner – Keebler Elves

Hidden Herf 95 / From the Forge / Mud Fishing

Episode 94: Haddock Parmesan
– Local Spotlight: Dinner with Nick Perdomo at Castaways in Seabrook, NH

Another typical Hack episode, a plethora of random topics with plenty of cigar talk including vanity plates to hurricane naming conventions and oysters. The Hidden Herf is well received but no good guesses are made by the panel. We had a small issue with the limo but it’s back on the road again. The Cigar Dinner at Castaways was really great!

Local Spotlight – Dinner with Nick Perdomo at Castaways in Seabrook, NH

Conspiracy Corner – Comey, spying on presidential candidates, an October surprise prediction

Hidden Herf 94 / Cigar dinner at Castaways


Episode 93: Kelly from Ashton
– Local Spotlight: La Aroma De Cuba at Plaistow Cigar Co. in Plaistow, NH

Kelly from Ashton joins the Cigar Hacks for a special episode. Besides learning a lot about all the Ashton lines, including La Aroma De Cuba and San Cristobal, we record one fun show. We cover everything from birthing to fake Spanish and Italian. The Hidden Herf has a twist and there’s a segment on “your first cigar” that was completely impromptu. Nick and our good friend Pastor Padron (Dan) are part of the new Not Just Blowing Smoke podcast out of Twins Smoke Shop.

Local Spotlight – La Aroma De Cuba at Plaistow Cigar Co. in Plaistow, NH

Conspiracy Corner – Storm Area 51, Jeffrey Epstein

Hidden Herf 93 / 0.0K Road Race / The dog is 3


La Aroma De Cuba at Plaistow Cigar Co.


Episode 92: Two Thousand Guesses
– Local Spotlight: The Original Cigar & Bar; North Conway, NH

In the spirit of “2000 Flushes” we have this week’s Hidden Herf where about the same number of guesses are made before someone uses the internet to look up possible matches. We are all over the map with topics, even more than usual. We run into Kelly from Ashton at The Original and have some new ideas for Conspiracy Corner background music.

Local Spotlight – The Original Cigar & Bar; North Conway, NH

Conspiracy Corner – Storm Area 51, Social Media Bias, The Kennedy’s, A November Surprise?

Hidden Herf 92 / The Original Cigar & Bar


Episode 91: Cigar Hacks’ Family Vacation
– Local Spotlight: Cigar Shenanigans, Cigar & Cocktail Lounge; North Conway, NH

Cigar Hack Dave’s extended family heads up to the White Mountains and while in North Conway, NH we stop in and record with the Cigar Shenanigans family. It’s a different kind of a “family” show as the new Shenanigans Woodford Reserve House Blend arrives mid-show. Of course, we have to sample it. Spoiler alert: it’s awesome! We learn the history leading up to, and how Cigar Shenanigans came to be. This one has been on our radar for 18 months, the stars aligned, and our two families made it a good one.

Local Spotlight – Cigar Shenanigans, Cigar & Cocktail Lounge; North Conway, NH

Conspiracy Corner – Storm Area 51, James Comey leaks, Mueller Report

Hidden Herf 91 / Cigar Shenanigans, Cigar & Cocktail Lounge

Episode 90: The Ultimate Cigar Authority
– Local Spotlight: Studio 21 Podcast Cafe; Salem, NH

Richard Carleton Hacker, the author of “The Ultimate Cigar Book”, joins us on the remote while the in-studio guests are Mr. Johnathan and David Garofalo of “The Cigar Authority”. We talk about history, cigars, pipes, and spirits. With a couple of professional interviewers and a great subject to interview this quickly becomes the most informative episode we have done to date. The spirits we sample, while smoking the Hidden Herf, are the Four Roses Small Batch and Ardbeg 10 Year. Nurse Rick pegs the Hidden Herf again and asks the question that sends us in an odd direction. The spirits are detailed by Richard, but it’s Mr. Johnathan’s description that is spot-on. We talk about writing, editing, and publishing including Richard’s cigar, pipe and spirits books plus David Garofalo’s “David vs. Goliath”. Notables from the trade show: Lighters.

Local Spotlight – Studio 21 Podcast Cafe (Upstairs at Two Guys Smoke Shop); Salem, NH

Conspiracy Corner – Storm Area 51, Mueller Testimony, Facebook and the FTC, Digital assistants are spying on us.

Studio 21 Podcast Cafe / Richard’s Book / Hidden Herf 90


Episode 89: River Redux
– Local Spotlight: The Saco River; Fryeburg, ME

The Cigar Hacks again take the pedal-powered paddle-wheeler barge for a two night camping adventure. We are on the Saco River in Fryeburg Maine, this year it’s with a crew of 15. Using a new portable recording configuration we are able to do the episode around the campfire on a sandy beach with the entire crew. Just as last year we were at Fiddlehead Campground for one night and “in the wild” for the second night where we recorded this episode.

Local Spotlight – The Saco River; Fryeburg, ME

Conspiracy Corner – Storm Area 51

Hidden Herf 89 / The Saco

Episode 88: Return to Enema Lake
– Local Spotlight: Toscano at Two Guys; Seabrook, NH

The Engineering team solves the power problem on the S.S. Low Voltage which allows us to record out on Enema Lake. There’s a little competition from the campers on the island. The Saco River Trip is previewed, we are planning to record an episode on the river again this year. The Hidden Herf is a box press robusto that the panel should recognize but don’t. The Meat Raffle was a fun evening. Since when do parents have to go to Drivers-Ed? Ricky lands a pair of big fat catfish and we talk about a lot of cigars.

Local Spotlight – Toscano at Two Guys; Seabrook, NH

Conspiracy Corner – A build up in the Middle East.

Hidden Herf 88 / Toscano at Two Guys

Episode 87: Fourth of July Special
– Local Spotlight: Fireworks on the Fourth

Recorded on the Sixth of July we have a Fourth of July themed show. We tried to record out on Enema Lake but ran into technical issues with the S.S. Low Voltage, it was quick retreat to dry land for this one – thanks to the back-up battery! The Leprechaun King takes another try with the current events, we help him dig out of that hole. Reflections on both Pipe Club and Castaways to get some of the panel up to speed. The Hidden Herf  turns out to be another surprise. Harvey puts it out there for the veterans.

Local Spotlight – Fireworks on the Fourth – from Enema Lake and Castaways.

Conspiracy Corner – A NH Conspiracy – (That’s New Hampshire for the kids.)
Are you a Communist at home, a Socialist in the neighborhood, a Democrat at town hall, a Republican at the statehouse, and a Libertarian in Washington DC?

Hidden Herf 87

Episode 86: Pipe Club with Pastor Padron
– Local Spotlight: A Day at Fenway Park with Rocky Patel

It’s Pipe Club 101, the hacks learn how to smoke pipes. Pastor Padron (Dan)  has us over to the haunted mansion to learn the basics of pipe smoking. Nick sets us up with the essential hardware and the tobacco packing begins. Join us for a “never smoked a pipe before” lesson on how to get started.

Local Spotlight – A Day at Fenway Park with Rocky Patel

Conspiracy Corner – IPCPR changes to PCA

Pipe Club with Pastor Padron