Episode 87: Fourth of July Special
– Local Spotlight: Fireworks on the Fourth

Recorded on the Sixth of July we have a Fourth of July themed show. We tried to record out on Enema Lake but ran into technical issues with the S.S. Low Voltage, it was quick retreat to dry land for this one – thanks to the back-up battery! The Leprechaun King takes another try with the current events, we help him dig out of that hole. Reflections on both Pipe Club and Castaways to get some of the panel up to speed. The Hidden Herf  turns out to be another surprise. Harvey puts it out there for the veterans.

Local Spotlight – Fireworks on the Fourth – from Enema Lake and Castaways.

Conspiracy Corner – A NH Conspiracy – (That’s New Hampshire for the kids.)
Are you a Communist at home, a Socialist in the neighborhood, a Democrat at town hall, a Republican at the statehouse, and a Libertarian in Washington DC?

Hidden Herf 87

Episode 86: Pipe Club with Pastor Padron
– Local Spotlight: A Day at Fenway Park with Rocky Patel

It’s Pipe Club 101, the hacks learn how to smoke pipes. Pastor Padron (Dan)  has us over to the haunted mansion to learn the basics of pipe smoking. Nick sets us up with the essential hardware and the tobacco packing begins. Join us for a “never smoked a pipe before” lesson on how to get started.

Local Spotlight – A Day at Fenway Park with Rocky Patel

Conspiracy Corner – IPCPR changes to PCA

Pipe Club with Pastor Padron

Episode 85: Seafood, Cigars and Cars
– Local Spotlight: Castaways Seafood & Grille; Seabrook, NH

We sit down with Ted, one of the owners of Castaways Seafood & Grille, to talk about the Perdomo Cigar Dinner they are hosting with Two Guys Smoke Shop on Tuesday August 27th. We learn that you can smoke cigars anytime by the fire pits, beside the deck toward the beach. This qualifies Castaways as a “bring your own” cigar lounge, weather permitting of course. The panel has a seafood dinner and cocktails on the deck before recording and it’s unanimous, the food and drinks were great, we are coming back again! The Hidden Herf was well received and the “crack panel” of Hacks figured it out after only a few guesses. It seems that almost every topic circled back to not only cigars, but also cars; The “MAGA 45” Maserati, Trans Am, Hell Cat, Shelby, limos, Fiat, U haul, Bentley, Corvette, Mustang, and Lamborghini. The Encore Casino has opened this week in Everett, just outside of Boston, and cheaters are already getting bagged! The Kristoff Pistoff firecracker is almost sold out at Two Guys and ouzo is the happy drunk.

Local Spotlight – Castaways Seafood & Grille; Seabrook, NH

Conspiracy Corner – Big Papi and Robert Kraft updates

Castaways Seafood & Grille; Seabrook, NH

Hidden Herf 85 / Perdomo Cigar Dinner

Episode 84: Not as Easy as it Looks
– Local Spotlight: Two Guys Father’s Day Event; Salem, NH

The Current Events segment is a special treat this week – it’s not as easy as it looks. Things start off with ten minutes of Hidden Herf incorrect guessing and general cigar discussion. We go for ice cream in the Oscuro limo, it got washed, an oil change and then it talks back to us during the show. The tobacco purchase age is going up to 21 in more places. Twins Rocky Patel event report. Podcast Juice Lamp production, Brick & Mortar retail, motorcycles and Laconia Bike Week topics round it out.

Local Spotlight: Two Guys Father’s day at Tuscan Kitchen; Salem, NH

Conspiracy Corner: Sponge Bob Square Pants, DARPA, Big Papi update

Hidden Herf 84 / The Oscuro / Cigar Dinner Event Poster


Episode 83: Any Port in a Storm
– Local Spotlight: Smoke on the Water

The crew heads out on to Enema Lake with the newly updated boat for the first fishing episode of the season. It’s a bit windy in spots until the sun goes down. The Hidden Herf is disguised, but not well enough as it’s an easy 2nd guess for the team.  The Leprechaun King (Correspondent Mike) takes on the Current Events segment. Random topics include: Rambo movies, Comedy Chris’ work stories, The Retrohale update, local celebrities that go national, Stanza Dei Sigari stories.

Local Spotlight: Smoke on the Water

Conspiracy Corner: Big Papi Shooting and vacation resort deaths

Hidden Herf 83 / Enema Lake / Big Papi

Episode 82: Game Five on the House
– Local Spotlight: The Bush Trimmer’s Emporium

Extending the tour of Hack Fire Pits we are watching the Bruins and Blues in game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals on the side of the house while burning pallets. The panel needs a Hidden-Herf clue to just get in the ball park. Our recording coincides with the 75th anniversary of D-Day. We invent the new Podcaisto Cocktail. Check out the 2-stroke blender. Comedy Chris calls in and we get a report on the status of the S.S. Low Voltage. Nurse Rick’s new fire pit is in the works.

Local Spotlight: The Bush Trimmer’s Emporium

Conspiracy Corner:  Mysterious deaths at tropical vacation locations

Games projected on the house at the fire pit

Hidden Herf 82 / 2-Stroke Blender

Episode 81: Good for the Soul
– Local Spotlight: The Eternal Flame Fire Pit

We are at the fire pit of “Chappy”, the Cigar Hacks’ Chaplin, for an episode to reflect on the possible virtues and immorality of smoking and especially cigars. The panel exposes the Hidden-Herf early by just guessing. The range of topics include: Graduation Cigars, Landscape Rocks, Bible talk on smoking, Smores, and our favorite sports related movies.

Local Spotlight: The Eternal Flame Fire Pit

Conspiracy Corner: Julian Assange, impeachment, the Podestas, tariffs on Mexico, cartel guns and cash.

Hidden Herf 81

Episode 80: Liquor in the Front & Poker in the Back
– Local Spotlight: Boulevard Grille & Cigar Lounge; Pawtucket, RI

We are joined by a new Hack for this one.  The Hidden Herf is well received by the panel.  Topics include; online vs. B&M [David vs Goliath], first time smokers, and more.

Local Spotlight: Boulevard Grille & Cigar Lounge; Pawtucket, RI

Boulevard Grille & Cigar Lounge; Pawtucket, RI

Hidden Herf 80 / “Poker in the Back”

Episode 79: Gone to the Dogs
– Local Spotlight: C.L.E Cigars at Plaistow Cigar Co.; Plaistow, NH

Jim Price from C.L.E. Cigars joins us again. Episode #69 was so much fun with Jim that we just couldn’t pass up an opportunity at the C.L.E. event from our home base to do another. There is a lot of cigar content but, our first animal guest, “Gunner”, the pit bull rescue dog along with his puppy mama, “Celine Dandelion”, set the tone for this one. Chappy, The Chaplin, takes a few questions from our regular call-in and things quickly go off the rails. With the Podcast Juice flowing it’s awful hard to close the show because the last five minutes are a bona fide laugh riot.

Local Spotlight: C.L.E Cigars at Plaistow Cigar Co.; Plaistow, NH

Conspiracy Corner: 90 minutes and not a conspiracy topic in sight, plenty of laughs in it’s place this week.

“No-So” Hidden Herf 79 / Hammer & Sickle Lamp w/Podcast Juice

Episode 78: Whales and Mouse Holes
– Local Spotlight: Smoke on the Water; Enema Lake

The Hidden Herf is a bit of a surprise, it’s well received and no one has a clue what it is. We have a good old-fashioned cigar group discussion on the topics of the day.

Local Spotlight: Smoke on the Water; Enema Lake

Conspiracy Corner: Social Media Access Restrictions; The Derby; and More

Smoke on the Water; Enema Lake

Hidden Herf 78 / Mouse Hole