Episode 279: Be Patient, the Belly Dancer is Coming!
– Local Spotlight: Boston cigar Club, Charlestown, MA

Our first episode from the Boston Cigar Club is good time for the panel. We land an interview with the owner. There’s an interesting story behind this lounge. The Hidden Herf is guessed by way of a coincidence. A possible future Hack joins the festivities. Oh yeah – it’s Pat McGroin’s birthday

Local Spotlight – Boston cigar Club, Charlestown, MA

Controversy Corner – The Twenty Seven club.

Episode 278: It’s Not Easy
– Local Spotlight: Cigar and Lounge; Watertown, MA

It was five years ago this month when we did a Local Spotlight on Cigar and Lounge in Watertown, MA. It about time we got back there to record an episode. We interview the owners and they tell us about the decade’s long, and no so easy, journey to running a successful cigar lounge in the Boston metro area. The Hidden Herf is well received, although it’s not much of a secret for those who recognize the markings.

Local Spotlight – Cigar and Lounge; Watertown, MA

Controversy Corner – Taxes, Debt, and other fun topics.

Episode 276: The Randy Report
– Local Spotlight: Twins Smoke Shop; Londonderry, NH

It’s a Friday night in the 7-20-4 Lounge at Twins. We have a birthday with a special cigar and a hidden herf that stumps the panel. Pat The Law Student files a brief on a California proposal.

Local Spotlight – Twins Smoke Shop; Londonderry, NH

Controversy Corner – Trains w/Pat McGroin

Episode 275: Rooster Booster
– Local Spotlight: Plaistow Cigar Co; Plaistow, NH

Hackapalooza 5.0 is in the books, we do a brief recap of the 36 hours that followed last week’s recording. Nurse Rick is on the remote because he’s under the weather again. The Hidden Herf gives a couple of the panelists some issues. We dissect one of the Hidden Herfs to see what it’s issue was.

Local Spotlight – Plaistow Cigar Co; Plaistow, NH

Controversy Corner – Multiple topics; Pipeline, Balloons, Chickens and more.

Episode 274: Hackapalooza 5.0
– Local Spotlight: New Tobacco Village; Whitehall, PA

Hackapalooza 5.0 is in full swing, we report on the first 30 hours. With twelve panelists the Hidden Herf is “smokers choice” to save on time. The Current Events segment should be called “Fun with the Reverend”. The episode goes in multiple directions and we get into a bit of a laughing fit towards the end.

Local Spotlight – New Tobacco Village; Whitehall, PA

Controversy Corner – Relaxed health regulations for pilots.

Episode 273: South on the North Shore
– Local Spotlight: Chuck’s Commune

We take the Oscuro III limo south to Chuck’s for another episode with a full compliment of Hacks. There’s an initiation of our third new member in as many weeks. The Hidden Herf is hit or miss with the panel but still does not get any outstanding ratings. The banter is all over the map for this one, everything from electric cars to Big Papi.

Local Spotlight – Chuck’s Commune

Controversy Corner – It’s eggstremely difficult to find good chicken feed.

Episode 272: Saturday Afternoon at Plaistow Cigar
– Local Spotlight: The Cigar Den; New Brunswick, NJ

Hanging out at Plaistow Cigar on a Saturday Afternoon with a full compliment of Hacks we initiate a new Hack. The Mailbag is full and the Hidden Herf is hit or miss with the panel. The Reverend gets himself into hot water a couple times. Controversy Corner goes in a different direction, four or five topics are submitted by the panelists and we pick one as the winner.

Local Spotlight – The Cigar Den; New Brunswick, NJ

Controversy Corner – Multiple Choice

Episode 271: Vintage Cigar Night
– Local Spotlight: Castro’s Back Room; Manchester, NH

We sit down with Eric “Killer” Kilbane of Castro’s Back Room Cigar Shops. Eric pulls out a few cigar selections from the vault for us to sample, most have been aging for approximately 20 years. It’s a cast of eleven with non-stop laughs. We have been anticipating this episode for over a month and the shop is packed on a Sunday evening for the show. We initiate another new Hack. Gringo Stah is in town with the Florida Report.

Local Spotlight – Castro’s Back Room; Manchester, NH

Controversy Corner – Will the real President please stand up?

Episode 270: The 2022 Hackie Awards Special
– Local Spotlight: El Toro; Hudson, NH

Another year passes and we find ourselves handing out another set of awards for some of the best things of the past year. We pull in a couple of lounge regulars (Mike & Steve) to add color commentary. If this wasn’t the awards show we could have call it the medical episode or the boobies episode. The Hidden Herf is an accidental repeat and oddly enough receives a similar rating to the previous.

Local Spotlight – El Toro; Hudson, NH

Controversy Corner – A Magnificent Controversy after 5 years