Episode 247: Who’s Line Is It?
– Local Spotlight: Night Fishing on the Lake

We are on the S.S. Low Voltage, where the weights are made up, and the fish don’t matter! It’s our first time this summer doing the show from the boat. We have a couple of Comedy Chris’ out-of-town relatives who join in on the fun. The Hidden Herf gets a decent rating but no close guesses.

Local Spotlight – Night Fishing on the Lake

Controversy Corner – How deep is your well?

Episode 246: Associazione Amici BBQ
– Local Spotlight: Associazione Amici Smoking Patio

This week we find ourselves invited to the Amici Club in Medford, MA. for a BBQ and Cigars. We are joined on the show by Angelo, Gus, Andrew, and Paul with dozens of fellow cigar enthusiasts in the background. The members tell us about the Amici Club while smoking the hidden Herf. Lots of guesses but no one gets close.

Local Spotlight – Associazione Amici Club and Smoking Patio

Controversy Corner – Traffic, Traffic, Traffic

Episode 245: Summa-Palooza 2022
– Local Spotlight: On the lake; New Hampshire

It’s our fifth summer special from the north country of New Hampshire. Join the crew for more fish stories as we continue the tradition of smoking a lot of cigars on the water over the weekend. See Episodes 34 and 89 from the Saco River and episodes 139 and 191/192 for the Summa-Palooza series from the lake house. All five trips include hanging out on the pedal-powered paddle-wheeler barge for cigars etc.

Local Spotlight – On the lake; New Hampshire

Controversy Corner – Titanic vs. Olympic

The Paddle-Wheeler Barge

Episode 244: Back for More on the Back Patio
– Local Spotlight: Route One BNG at The Breakaway; Danvers, MA

Direct from the Route One Business Networking Group (BNG) event for our second year, we talk with various BNG members while enjoying cigars on the back patio. We are then joined by a pair of Marine Vets who tell us about their new podcast on YouTube called Hard to Kill. It’s the usual laughs with some new and old friends.

New England Tree Company
Saugus Karate Kung Fu

Local Spotlight – Route One BNG at The Breakaway; Danvers, MA

Episode 243: The End of an Era
– Local Spotlight: Radloff’s Cigar Shop and On the Rox Lounge; Rochester, NH

Continuing our Farewell Tour, we do our last episode at Radloff’s Cigar Shop and On the Rox Lounge before they cease operations on July 31st 2022. It’s a bittersweet transition for the proprietors as they move on to the next chapter. We smoke a brand new release, which is a bit of a metaphor for what’s to come for the Radloff’s team, and it doesn’t disappoint. We have a rare appearance by our very own Chappy, on leave from the 82nd Airborne, where he tells us about Operation Deployed.

Local Spotlight – Radloff’s Cigar Shop and On the Rox Lounge; Rochester, NH

Controversy Corner – Self Portrait

Episode 242: Domicile Farewell Tour
– Local Spotlight: Domicile Stories from the Past

We assemble a large panel of thirteen hacks for what we’re calling the farewell tour to the Domicile, the sale should be final in a couple weeks. It’s Saturday night of the Fourth of July weekend at the lake so there are a few fireworks in the background. Half of us are in the garage and the other half are on the driveway in the fresh air. We swear in a few new hacks, add the Ladies’ Night segment, and followup up on last week’s story. The Hidden Herf is so far out in left field no one is even close with the guesses. Lot’s of laughs this week!

Local Spotlight – Domicile Stories from the Past

Controversy Corner – Snowboard Retrieval

Snow Boards

Episode 241: Wheelbarrow Mania, with United Cigars
– Local Spotlight: Plaistow Cigar; Plaistow, NH

Joining the crew is Brian Sonia from United Cigar at the Plaistow Cigar Event. We pick up Bill, a lounge patron, to round out the panel and it’s bedlam from the start. Mustang Mike is not with us this week but he sends in a story, or two, or three… The mail bag is full and the Hidden Herf is excellent. Plenty of laughs, and podcast juice, in this episode. It was almost named “The Podcast That Would Not End”.

Local Spotlight – Plaistow Cigar; Plaistow, NH

Controversy Corner – SCOTUS was busy this week

Episode 240: Cocoa Puffs
– Local Spotlight: Podcasting Locations, NH

We attempt to do this week’s show from the boat but the weather does not cooperate, so we retire to Jake’s Place (AKA, Comedy Chris’s smoke shack). The Hidden Herf is a complete surprise and was selected because it was a box of 10 that we have not tried before, so basically we got lucky. This one runs a bit long because we go off on a lot of tangents and tell a lot of funny stories. There are plenty of laughs and a cigar that goes the distance, even for us fast smokers.

Local Spotlight – Podcasting Locations, NH

Controversy Corner – How to Forget

Episode 239: The Haddock Dinner, with PDR Cigars
– Local Spotlight: Plaistow Cigar; Plaistow, NH

Direct from the Mustang Ranch, we are joined by a couple of special guests, including Irving, our sales rep for PDR Cigars, and for the first time; the lady of the ranch. Again we’re recording before the basket ball game. The Hidden Herf coincidentally rates the same as the last PDR Hidden Herf, now there’s a controversy! We learn about PDR Cigars and have a few laughs along the way.

Local Spotlight – Plaistow Cigar; Plaistow, NH

Controversy Corner – Sports Cheats

Episode 238: The Pre-Game Show
– Local Spotlight: The Tobacco Shack; Rowley, MA

It’s game 1 of The Celtics vs. The Warriors at The Tobacco Shack. Folks are filtering in as we do the show before the first game of the NBA finals. We talk a little basketball and other random topics while smoking the Hidden Herf.

Local Spotlight – The Tobacco Shack; Rowley, MA

Controversy Corner – BLM and the nuclear family