Episode 25: Technical Difficulties
– Local Spotlight: The Gatlin-Burlier & Hoggs Upstairs Taverne

After fighting with a bad cable and few “blunder-ific” false starts we finally get the episode going. Mark and Bret from The Retrohale join us (via a spotty Skype connection) for another off-the-rails episode. Departing from our usual format we just relax, smoke cigars, and drink plenty of podcast juice as we move from one topic to another. Here’s a sample of where we go for 75 minutes: Boston sports trivia challenge, NH & Colorado connections, Stonehenge, rock bands and artists, cigars good vs. bad – it’s subjective, Gingers have no souls. Nobody is cutting Nick in the deli line. Presidential trivia. Same birthday coincidences. Hitting the beaver (on 125). Homemade spirits, public hanging and roadkill. Deer crossing radio caller. Moose and elk dead or alive. Too much podcast juice in my cup. Sex in the car with frosty. The mystery $1 figurado and the Chinese Finger Trap.

Current Events: See CigarPlanner.com for more details, filter by your state or city.

Local Spotlight: The Gatlin-Burlier & Hoggs Upstairs Taverne – Gatlinburg, TN. Nurse Rick travels to Gatlinburg and combines these two establishments to come up with a cigar lounge where there is none in the traditional sense.

Conspiracy Corner – a recap of last week’s topic.

The Gatlin-Burlier / Hoggs Upstairs Taverne


Hidden Herf 25 / There’s a bear at the pool / Moose in the road


The Retohale Podcast

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