Episode 23: He’s Back
– Local Spotlight: Federal Cigar Bar; Dover

Matty returns after a hiatus from the show and the Hidden-Herf is picked just for the occasion. We cover far too many topics to list them all but the theme seems to be a lot of laughing. There are lots of events coming up and we have commentary on just about every one. We took a road trip to Dover, NH to see the new lounge that Federal Cigar has recently opened.

Bonus Content: Nurse Rick calls us from TN while on vacation and a technical disaster ensues as we try to insert him into the show on-the-fly. This eight minute debacle was good for an out-take and is tacked on to the end of the regular show.

Current Events: See CigarPlanner.com for more details, filter by your state or city.

Local Spotlight: Federal Cigar Bar – Dover, NH. A newly renovated new location for the this long time establishment with a large retail section and a much improved lounge.

Conspiracy Corner: Matty decodes Mustang Mike’s notes front the road relating to the DNC and speculates on what’s about to happen in the world of the DC power brokers.

Federal Cigar Bar – Dover, NH

Hidden Herf 23

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