Episode 18: Nick’s Novelty Hut & Marc from Maryland
– Local Spotlight: Social Cigar Factory & Lounge

A new Hack name is coined – “Comedy Chris”. We smoke a Cuban Lonsdale for this episode’s Hidden-Herf – thanks to Larry on the Cape. The general theme is scattered around firearms, the Nürburgring (not the Nuremberg Ring), your brother-in-law’s uncle’s cousin, The Retrohale, “Twins, Twins, Twins”, Candelas for St. Patrick’s Day. “Marc from Maryland” is introduced as a new remote corespondent to cover the Maryland area. He joins us for a segment and gives a live report from Social Cigar in Windsor Mill, MD as well as his recent trip to Atlanta lounges.

Current Events: We report on events at a dozen lounges: Twins, Carlo Rose, Federal Epping, Federal Dover, Cigar Shenanigans, O’Shea’s, Castro’s Nashua, Castro’s Keene. Cloud Palace, Michael’s, Victory Bar & Cigar, Tinos.

Local Spotlight: Social Cigar Factory & Lounge – Windsor Mill, MD A relatively new lounge that has been open for about three months.

Social Cigar Factory and Lounge; Windsor Mill, MD

Hidden Herf 17 – a Cuban

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