Episode 17: The Retrohale Special Edition
– Local Spotlight: Edward’s, Twins, Shenanigans

We are joined by Bret and Mark, hosts of the Retrohale Podcast,  for a Special Edition of the Cigar Hacks. The script quickly goes out the window as we ad-lib our way through a two hour collaboration with the Fort Collins, Colorado based Retrohale. Arguably our “most fun” episode to date.

The Special Edition “remote” format leads us down a different path for some of our regular segments including Current Events, Local Spotlight, and Conspiracy Corner but we somehow get it all covered. The Hidden Herf is almost guessed long distance and provides for another great reveal.

A sampling of topics: Hammer & Sickle sampler pack; Avalanche vs. Bruins; Denver Airport – conspiracy; Hockey trivia challenge; There should be an app for that; Bottled hose water; Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival; Curling has no checking; Cigars, Cigars, Cigars; Arnold trivia and a lot more.

Current Events: Cigars for warriors at Shenanigans, April 14

Local Spotlight: Edward’s vs. Twins vs. Shenanigans – Edward’s in Fort Collins, Colorado is now under new management since the last visit so your mileage may vary.

The Retohale Podcast / “Hand rolling is not easy”

Hidden Herf 17 with a 40 minute, 4 inch ash

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