Episode 19: Lancero and the HR Department
– Local Spotlight: Cigar and Lounge

We smoke another great Lancero this episode and somehow that leads to a discussion on starting a Cigar Hacks HR department. We also discuss bloom, or is it plume, vs. mold; Warner Brothers vs. Disney; piggly tails and shaggy feet; there’s an App with ads for that; iHeart, Kiss 108, & XM Radio; river beer & hidden hops; Cigar Craig and his dog Macha;  limos; and bagpipes.

In the second half the Hidden-Herf Reveal stumps the panel and we go to large ring gauge cigars; Girl Scout cookies; vodka; and curling one more time.

Current Events: CigarPlanner.com now covers most of the events we talk about, filter by state to see events in your area. It’s already more up to date than the episode.

Local Spotlight: Cigar and Lounge – Watertown MA. A lounge with a walk-in humidor that contains a collection of some unique brands, multiple rooms, and a locker system.

Conspiracy corner: We finally get to the Denver International Airport – thanks to Jimmy from Colorado for all the research.

Cigar and Lounge – Watertown MA

Hidden Herf 19


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