Episode 10: Elvis Has Left the Building
– Local Spotlight: Carlo Rose Cigar Bar & Lounge

How to comment on an episode. The “Mail-Bag”. We are Skype ready. More states have come on-line. Many new events for 2018  are listed for our local spotlight locations. Correspondent Mike has been rehired but almost gets canned again. Nurse Rick jumps the gun after the Gunslinger Shootout. Federal in Dover is moving to a new location. My Father Cigars Steak & Cigar Dinner at Tito’s Hampton, NH. Hammer Cryptocurrency. The Hidden-Herf provides another surprising reveal. Adventure Suites comes up again.
Local Spotlight; Carlo Rose Cigar Bar & Lounge, the recon crew had a great time at this location. Cigars, Hookah, pool tables, a vape shop, a music venue and a bar; what else do you need?
Conspiracy Corner; Elvis has left the building, Paul is dead, and Hitler lives in Argentina. There’s a storm coming; release the memo. Release the memo.
A shout out and congratulations to Andy.

Carlos Rose Cigar Bar & Lounge; Pelham, NH

Hidden Herf # 10

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