Episode 8: Redacted Enacted
– Local Spotlight: Victory Bar & Cigar; and Michael’s Cigar Bar

This episode was almost a total disaster but through the magic of editing and redaction we were able to salvage an actual episode. A full third of the recording had to go. Listen for the cuts and use your imagination – it was that bad and why some parts seem a bit scattered. Enjoy what’s left, it’s a bit funny!
We talk about cigar shop customer service – a dicey topic to do properly. Where are the Crowned Heads La Careme? Roxor and Cuvee – are these brands still around? The Big Monster is Fake-News!! Cigar swag is great. Single use plastic bags, a thing of the past?
Not-So-Local Smoke – Match Cigar Bar in Indiana opens a new location. Boveda’s new gadget monitors you humidor. New laws in local municipalities – What?
The reveal is another surprise – mostly. Local Spotlight gets into a Hookah discussion. While deciding on a conspiracy topic we go to “old rockers still on tour” for a short time before arriving on the “Reptilian Elite” topic.

Victory Bar & Cigar; Worcester, MA

Michael’s Cigar Bar; Worcester, MA

Hidden Herf 8

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