Episode 7: The Burner Phone
– Local Spotlight: Cigar Shenanigans & The Original Cigar Bar

Nurse Rick and the Peanut Gallery join us again and help us create longest episode to date. We cover the recent passing of Jose O. Padrone and Gilberto F. Oliva Sr. The Cigar Hacks Burner Phone is explained and why everyone should have one. Federal Cigar’s online store is up. The Cigar Authority announces their Cigar of the Year. Recent legislation news from Halfwheel. The Hidden Herf is another surprise for everyone. Nurse Rick gives a correspondence report from his recent visit to North Conway, NH and somehow we get on the Adventure Suites topic. Don’t go on a sleigh ride when it’s 10 below. Nick explains “The Dudley” to get to the very end of your cigar. We go through an impromptu list of go-to cigars for new folks. Conspiracy corner does not disappoint, from MK-Ultra to a prediction for 2018, it will give you something to think about.

Cigar Shenanigans; North Conway, NH

Hidden Herf 7

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