Episode 6: The Facebook Episode
– Local Spotlight: The Tobacco Shack & The Smoke Shop

Matty and Dave go it alone – it’s a two man effort for #6 which includes the Federal Cigar Portsmouth Lounge experience, Umbagog by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust is reported in HalfWheel and a local Ladies Smoking Event is in the planning stage. The Hidden Herf is another surprise – Yes – no fake news!.
Facebook – a conspiracy topic? Bilderberg & Sun Valley; Read your T&Cs and EULAs! 1984’s Big Brother is reality. Apple kills “Where to Smoke” App.
Conspiracy Corner takes a look at the “New World Order” and we get back to the Bilderberg topic. Three nothing-burgers equal one Russia investigation in the deep state swamp. Matty goes on-record with his prediction on the fake Russia story.

The Tobacco Shack; Rowley, MA

The Smoke Shop; Middleton, MA

[The Smoke Shop photo placeholder]

Hidden Herf 6

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