Episode 45: JoJo Mo and Son
– Local Spotlight: Plaistow Cigar Company; Plaistow, NH

We are visited by “JoJo Mo” and “Drew the Hooker” for a few days and have them with us in person. Joe and Drew came up to New Hampshire from the New Jersey / Pennsylvania area to attend a cigar event and go on a lounge tour. With special guests on hand and recording back at home-base we have a full house of ten. This causes us to switch the peanut gallery in two shifts to get everyone on. We do a recap of the Federal Cigar Anniversary Cruise that was an Ashton and Makers Mark event. The Podcast Juice is flowing and we have lots of laughs. The Hidden Herf is a special cigar selected by Joe just for us, no one is even close with the guessing. All we had to do was mention the “whoop button”. Joe and Drew give us a report on their lounge tour.

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Local Spotlight: Plaistow Cigar Company; Plaistow, NH

Conspiracy Corner: Q&A from Q-Anon, Area 51, Aliens, and Building 7 on 9/11

Plaistow Cigar Company; Plaistow, NH

Hidden Herf 45 / Best Lounge Chairs Anywhere

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