Episode 44: Dead in the Water with Skippy & The Mate
– Local Spotlight: Stanza Dei Sigari; Boston, MA

Looking to extend the summer we get out on the lake but then run into problems forcing us to head back to the dock and record on dry land. Skippy and the Mate of The Retrohale join us from Colorado for the full experience with a Hidden Herf as they go end-to-end on this episode. We recap both the Two Guys and Twins Smoke Shops’ anniversary events. The list of current events is so long that Skippy is packing a bag to come and experience it. The Federal Cigar anniversary party is previewed, we will have a group there. The side topics are, as usual, all over the place and a bit zany. Comedy Chris nails the Hidden Herf’s brand out of the gate and earns another partial credit.

Current Events: See CigarPlanner.com for more details, filter by your state or city.

Local Spotlight: Stanza Dei Sigari; Boston, MA

Conspiracy Corner: The aliens have abducted the Conspiracy crew this week.

Stanza Dei Sigari; Boston, MA

Hidden Herf 44 / SakaSquatch

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