Episode 104: A Fixer, Resuscitator, Wanderer, and Cat walk into a lounge…
– Local Spotlight: The Tobacco Shack; Rowley, MA

We have a “Shack full of Hacks” for this episode, with eleven voices it might be hard to keep score but it’s still a lot of laughs. The Hacks are introduced to the Tobacco Shack under new management. Even with plenty of clues the Hidden Herf stumps the entire panel, but again, a late entry claims a valid guess. Harvey’s nemesis, Crawdad Jim, returns for what he hopes is Jim’s last visit for a long time. It’s also Veterans Day, check out Cigars for Warriors.

Local Spotlight – The Tobacco Shack; Rowley, MA

Conspiracy Corner – Warren, Epstein and Charles Stewart

Hidden Herf 104 / The Tobacco Shack


Episode 102: Pocono-Palooza
– Local Spotlight: Big House Tobacco Outlet; Scranton, PA

Just back from the Pocono-Palooza cigar lounge tour in Northeast Pennsylvania we have our accommodations host for the weekend, The Happy Hooker, as our call-in guest. We recap some of the highlights of the weekend including our visit to Cigars International, Famous Smoke Shop, JR Cigars and Big House Tobacco Outlet. This episode could have easily been called Gas, Glass and Ass based on the events surrounding the recording of this one.

Local Spotlight – Big House Tobacco Outlet; Scranton, PA

Conspiracy Corner – Russian Collusion

Hidden Herf 102 / Big House Tobacco Outlet

Episode 101: Boutique AF Cigar Jubilee
– Local Spotlight: Cigar Shenanigans, Cigar & Cocktail Lounge; North Conway, NH

We’ve been talking about the Boutique AF Cigar Jubilee for months so we rolled the Oscuro up to Cigar Shenanigans in North Conway for the day to do this episode with Erik Wentworth of Hammer & Sickle, our first guest way back on Episode 5. Along with Erik we have Nick Goss, Penny Piva and Mad Kevin in the 2nd the guest seat. We learn about the Hammer & Sickle Berlin Wall and Caleanoch Cigars plus their history. Penny tells us about the Mystery Sampler and Cigars for Warriors. Check Rick’s fuzzy math on the rating, the average of 9.25 + 9.5 + 9.75 + 10.7 is 9.8.

Local Spotlight – Cigar Shenanigans, Cigar & Cocktail Lounge; North Conway, NH

Hidden Herf 101 / Cigar Shenanigans

Episode 100: Crossover Special Edition
– Local Spotlight: Tatuaje Cigars at Twins Smoke Shop in Londonderry, NH

For our 100th we join forces with our friends at the “Not Just Blowing Smoke” podcast (Dan, Nick, and Dave) and hang out with KC Johnson of Tatuaje Cigars in the “Twins 7-20-4 Lounge”. We talk with the infamous Mame of “Smoke Cigar Shop & Lounge” in Bridgeville, PA plus a “mystery guest”. We smoke two different cigars and the Carolina Red Flake Pipe tobacco from Cornell & Diehl.

This episode could have been called “Kurt’s not going to like that” or “Apple Pie, Podcast Juice and Enemas”. The usual high-jinks ensue as we have a lot of fun with the extended panel and our three great guests.

Local Spotlight – Tatuaje Cigars at Twins Smoke Shop in Londonderry, NH

Conspiracy Corner – Vape and Heat-not-Burn devices

Hidden Herf 100 / Cornell & Diehl Carolina Red Flake

Football on the House / Hammer & Sickle Lamp


Episode 99: 88 MPH
– Local Spotlight: C.L.E Cigars at Plaistow Cigar Co. in Plaistow, NH

Jim Price from C.L.E Cigars joins us at the event in Plaistow for another great cigar. We have a full house of Hacks and cover the following: The CLE Corjo and C.L.E news, 2 Guys annual dinner, B-17 crash, the H&S lamp, Cloud Palace renovation, Cigar Ash Barbecue sauce from the BBQ Pit Boys, current events, RI shops, football season, shoe shine, religion and politics, the vape situation, high alcohol and big-mouth beer, deployment rating system, 380 lady, Price-Price-Baby, press any key. Remember to follow @Corojo_Dreams on Instagram.

Local Spotlight – C.L.E Cigars at Plaistow Cigar Co. in Plaistow, NH

Conspiracy Corner – Civil war or arrests in the swamp?

Hidden Herf 99 / Hammer & Sickle Lamp

Episode 98: Eight Guys and a Cigar
– Local Spotlight: My Father Cigars at Plaistow Cigar Co. in Plaistow, NH

Eight friends meet at the cigar lounge and smoke a new show release cigar. It’s like the pre-podcast days when we would all just hang out on a Friday night. Sit back and imagine you are in the lounge with us, hopefully you will be transported to Plaistow, NH for an hour. That’s New Hampshire for the kids. References to The Retrohale Podcast and Cigar Craig’s Blog.

Local Spotlight – My Father Cigars at Plaistow Cigar Co. in Plaistow, NH

Conspiracy Corner – The Ukrainian Debacle

Hidden Herf 98 – My Father #4 and La Promesa

Episode 97: Catfish on Enema Lake
– Local Spotlight: Twins 22nd Annual Smokin’ Blues BBQ!

The weather is cooperating so we head out on the boat for one last time this season. The battery configuration is finally sorted out so we don’t get stranded on the S.S. Low Voltage. The Hidden Herf is well received and Nurse Rick almost backs into what it is but, no one hits it. We revisit a few topics from previous episodes and get into some new things. As usual it’s a lot of laughs, cigars, and this time a little fishing.

Local Spotlight – Twins 22nd Annual Smokin’ Blues BBQ!

Conspiracy Corner – Storm Area 51 actually happens

Hidden Herf 97 / The Humidor

Storm Area 51

Episode 96: Jose, Oliver and the Hightower
– Local Spotlight: Two Guys 34th Anniversary Cigar Dinner

This week we sit down with Jose Dominguez from Jose Dominguez Cigars and Oliver Nivaud of United Cigars, their US distributor. We planned to do a recording after an event at our home base of Plaistow Cigar on Friday but had not planned on meeting Jose, his sister Ylse, her husband “DJ”, or Oliver (AKA “Oscar”) while there. We all hit it off instantly and they stayed after the event to make this a really special episode. First we take care of business and learn all about the Jose Dominguez Hightower, their operation, and a bit about United Cigar. Then it all goes off the rails, as usual, and we get into a lot of just plain fun discussing everything from holy water to hurricanes. This is what happens when a group gets together to enjoy some great cigars and make new friends.

Local Spotlight – Two Guys 34th Anniversary Cigar Dinner

Conspiracy Corner – HAARP, a weather control system?

No-So-Hidden Herf 96 / The Hightower 662T (6X62 Torpedo)

Two Guys 34th Anniversary Cigar Dinner


Episode 95: Hacky Birthday
– Local Spotlight: The Domicile’s Staircase?

A large percentage of the panel has a birthday within a few weeks of Labor Day so we have a bit of party before and during recording. We go off the rails early and this makes for a lot of laughs and some editing challenges. The Hidden Herf is a wild card with not one close guess. Recheck the math on the average rating and see what you get.

Local Spotlight – The Domicile’s Staircase?

Conspiracy Corner – Keebler Elves

Hidden Herf 95 / From the Forge / Mud Fishing