Episode 217: The 2021 Hackie Awards Special
– Local Spotlight: Whiskey from Down Under

It’s the 2021 Hackie Awards direct from parts unknown. We welcome our new Hackie Award Show sponsors. The Hidden Herf is a special award show cigar that has been aging in the Hackador longer than the Cigar Hacks has been in production. Along with the awards we do a whiskey and bourbon tasting throughout the show featuring a couple Australian samples we found at Lighthouse Liquors. The tasting is in honor of our listener Simon, down under at The Cigar and Scotch Co. in Sydney.

Controversy Corner – What year is is really?

Episode 216: We Hope ’22 is Good for You
– Local Spotlight: The Tobacco Shack; Rowley, MA

Closing out 2021 and ringing in 2022 it’s the New Year’s episode. We have a few good jokes from The Domicile with the regulars and a decent Hidden Herf to go with it all. We reflect on a few thing in the past and discus what’s possible in the future.

Local Spotlight – The Tobacco Shack; Rowley, MA

Controversy Corner – Ice Holes Down Under

Episode 215: Tobacco Shack Christmas Special
– Local Spotlight: Boston Cigar Club; Charlestown, MA

Joining the hacks at the Tobacco Shack Christmas Party in Rowley, MA are Bugsy Segal of Pura Soul Cigars and Jeffrey Amendola of Amendola Family Cigars. Not only do we find out about the Pura Soul Barber Pole Cigar and Amandola Family Cigars, we learn just how small the cigar world is.

Local Spotlight – Boston Cigar Club; Charlestown, MA

Controversy Corner – From Harvard to Wuhan and beyond.

Boston Cigar Club

Episode 214: Nashville Dave on the Road
– Local Spotlight: Zack’s Beach Castle Cigars; Mary Esther, FL

Nashville Dave is on a cigar shop road trip reporting direct from the Florida pan handle at Zack’s Beach Castle Cigars. The hidden Herf is a bit of a dog but, the panel can’t seem to pin it down even with plenty of clues. We give a report on the Two Guys Christmas Party and a stop in at Smoke & Flame to get an update on the new retail outlet progress.

Local Spotlight – Zack’s Beach Castle Cigars; Mary Esther, FL

Controversy Corner – Can you believe anything any longer?

Episode 213: It’s Hammer time
– Local Spotlight: Hammer + Sickle Christmas at Plaistow Cigar Co.; Plaistow, NH

We are at the Hammer + SicklePlaistow Cigar Christmas Party, which means Erik and Brian of Hammer + Sickle along with Matty the Magnificent join the panel for this annual occasion. We launch the H+S 2021 EPH Limited Edition Cigar and it scores big on the Hack scale. It’s also a birthday, Cowboy says a word or two, and Chappy drops by just as we are about to wrap.

Local Spotlight – H & S Christmas at Plaistow Cigar Co.; Plaistow, NH

Controversy Corner – An Eric Hanson (EPH) Favorite, it might be old, but it’s still a controversy.

The 2020 Hacky Award Trophy

Episode 212: A Non-Attorney Spokesman
– Local Spotlight: Route One BNG Extravaganza

This week’s Hidden Herf is very good, with just a hint or two, and more than a few guesses, the panel lands it. The Oscuro III is set up as a cigar lounge at the Route One BNG event this week and we have a blast with it.

Local Spotlight – Route One Business Networking Group Extravaganza

Controversy Corner – It’s just another Ponzi scheme.

Episode 211: Light Italian Dressing
– Local Spotlight: Black Friday at Two Guys Smoke Shop; Salem, NH

The Reverend Harvey returns after a bit of a hiatus. The panel samples an unusual hard cider made by “Far From the Tree” in Salem, MA. The Hidden Herf is also a bit unusual and quite a surprise. The Hacks will be at the “Route ONE Business Networking Group” Extravaganza on Thursday December 2nd from 4-8pm at the Spring Hill Suites in Peabody, MA.

Local Spotlight – Black Friday at Two Guys Smoke Shop; Salem, NH

Controversy Corner – Cold Cases

Episode 210: Four Years of Laughs
– Local Spotlight: Our 4th Anniversary

It’s the 4th Anniversary episode and we deliver. This episode contains almost an hour of one liners and jokes. Sure there’s a cigar but it melts into the background like it should. It’s a winner and we couldn’t have picked a better performing cigar for the occasion.

Local Spotlight – Our 4th Anniversary

Controversy Corner – Current Events

Episode 209: Island Boy
– Local Spotlight: Plaistow Cigar Co.; Plaistow, NH

Matty The Magnificent is back with the crew in the original spot for the last episode of the fourth year. It’s tinfoil hats all around and running jokes that keep this one on track. The Hidden Herf is a total guess after many clues and the process of elimination.

Local Spotlight – Plaistow Cigar Co.; Plaistow, NH

Controversy Corner – Debt Relief

Episode 208: The Closer
– Local Spotlight: Brinner, Two Guys Smoke Shop; Salem, NH

After Brinner (Breakfast for Dinner) we recruit a special guest, The Closer, to join us this week. There is plenty of cigar talk, but a lot of other ground is covered too.

Local Spotlight – Brinner (Breakfast for Dinner), Two Guys Smoke Shop; Salem, NH

Controversy Corner – The Supply Chain