Episode 318: Where’s Everyone Going?
– Deep Fried Turkey

There was a launch party for a new line of cigars at The Ash in Kingston, NH on the same night as the local football team playing Thursday Night Football at The Tobacco Shack in Rowley, MA. We had already arranged a giant turkey frying event at the Shack for Thursday Night Football so we go to The Ash on Friday to check out the new release and talk about both nights. The panel changes a few times as members and guests come and go.

Local Spotlight – Deep Fried Turkey

Controversy Corner – Habano or Habanos? That is the question.

Episode 317: The Undisclosed Location
– Toast Across America Charity Event

The Undisclosed location is a private smoking lounge where one of the Hacks happens to know a guy. The hidden Herf is pegged straight out of the gate by the pro. The Mail bag is full and the podcast juice is flowing, it’s one of those!

Local Spotlight – Toast Across America Charity Event

Controversy Corner – We’re just a bunch of Ding-Dongs and Who’s in the Painting?

Episode 316: Full House
– The Tobacco Shack; Rowley, MA

For the second week in a row, a large contingent of Hacks invade a cigar lounge. With almost as many Hacks joining as last week, it’s becoming a regular thing. The Hidden Herf is a controversy in itself. We try a new segment and initiate a new Hack.

Local Spotlight – The Tobacco Shack; Rowley, MA

Controversy Corner – Controversy Potpourri

Episode 315: My Father w/Darren Hill
– Ash Cigar Lounge; Kingston, NH

A large contingent of Hacks invade the Ash Cigar Lounge to do an episode with Darren Hill, our local New England Sales Manager for My Father Cigars. At one point we count 20 participants, so pull out your score card for this one. The Hidden Herf receives a very good rating overall. The Reverend Harvey returns from Georgia, The Gringo is in town, and we have a couple of first timers.

Local Spotlight – Ash Cigar Lounge; Kingston, NH

Controversy Corner – Ho Ho Ho-Flation

Episode 314: Have a Grumpy Day
– Grumpy’s Cigars & Lounge; Hudson NH

Let’s get grumpy! This week we visit the new Grumpy’s Cigars & Lounge, formerly El Toro, and sit down with two of the new owners to discuss what’s involved in running a cigar bar. A pair of new Hacks are minted and the Hidden Herf stumps the panel again.

Local Spotlight – Grumpy’s Cigars & Lounge; Hudson NH

Controversy Corner – Feral Hog Insurrection

Episode 313: The Diplomat Drop-In W/Rocky Patel Cigars
– The Diplomat Cigar Lounge; Keene, NH

We drop in to the Diplomat Cigar Lounge in Keene, NH to surprise Josh, the owner, and Mike, the Rocky Patel Rep, for the first Rocky Patel event at this shop. A small contingent of Hacks make the trek on a Thursday, so we pull in a couple of regulars the round out the panel. The Hidden Herf is Pick Your Rocky, Pot-Luck style.

Local Spotlight – The Diplomat Cigar Lounge; Keene, NH

Controversy Corner – Ignorance

Episode 312: The Last Firepit of ’23
– Local Spotlight: Pocono Palooza Lounge Tour

A couple of new Hack recruits join the crew at Ricky’s firepit. It’s a chilly night, so we load up the wood, have a good cigar, and sample some fine spirits to keep us warm. We recap the Pocono Palooza trip. The Hidden Herf is a new release from a well known brand, but it still stumps the panel.

Local Spotlight – Pocono Palooza Lounge Tour

Controversy Corner – MK Underground

Episode 311: Pocono Palooza 4.0
– Local Spotlight: Best Cigar Pub; Drums, PA

We head down to the Poconos for the 5th year, including Pocono Wedding Palooza. The Rabbi Cut Above joins us at Best Cigar Pub for this episode along with The JoJo Mo clan and a new recruit, Mike the Runaway. We interview the front of the house manager at Best Cigar Pub to get some details on the new lawn area. The Hidden Herf is not in the running for best cigar of the year.

Local Spotlight – Best Cigar Pub; Drums, PA

Controversy Corner – Feminization

Episode 310: Weekend at the Lake House
– Local Spotlight: Kurt’s 60th Birthday Bash w/Rock Patel

Kurt Kendall of Twins Smoke Shop and 7-20-4 Cigars has his 60th birthday bash with Rocky Patel. A few lucky raffle winners are invited the the lake house for the weekend with Kurt and Rocky for cigars, food and spirits. Our own Hunter Rick and Nurse Rick are among the weekend winners. We get a call in from the lake house and speak with Rocky, Rick, Mike and Pat. The Hidden Herf is a potpourri of selections from the New England Cigar Expo 1st day and we include the interview with the Nish PatelĀ  and Team Rocky from the Expo.

Local Spotlight – Kurt’s 60th Birthday Bash w/Rock Patel

Controversy Corner – Jetting Swiftly and the IDF