Episode 115: Direct from I-24 with Nashville Dave
– Local Spotlight: Hack-a-Palooza Preview

We make a surprise call to Nashville Dave just before the show and he joins us on the panel for a chat through rural Kentucky. The Hidden Herf is another surprise and is a bit strong for the mild cigar smokers. We talk about cigars, the upcomming annual gatrhering of The Retro-Hacks and a little on trucking.

Local Spotlight – Hack-a-Palooza Preview

Conspiracy Corner – We put Nashville Dave on the spot.

Hidden Herf 115

Episode 114: Crawdad Jim Returns
– Local Spotlight: The Meat Ball

He’s back… The Hidden Herf is a very well aged cigar. We have a discussion about short-fill cigars made from premium trimmings and the new age restrictions on tobacco purchases. The Current events include the Hack-a-palooza stops. Watch out for the fake Enemaology news. We get back to “What did Cory Booker Say?”

Local Spotlight – The Meat Ball

Etymology A.K.A Conspiracy Corner – We learn the origin of a few common words

Hidden Herf 114 / The Meat Ball

Episode 113: The Culebra Club
– Local Spotlight: Federal Cigar; Epping ,NH

This episode is direct from the Culebra Club in Epping, NH. The club is a 7X24 members cigar lounge. We are joined in the club by Dave and Jeremy for some great conversation about cigars the venue and other topics. The Hidden Herf is picked out by Jeremy based on the smoking and flavor profile.

Local Spotlight – Federal Cigar; Epping ,NH

Alternative Theory A.K.A Conspiracy Corner – The Middle East and Impeachment

Hidden Herf 113 / The Culebra Club

Episode 112: I’m Here for the Food
– Local Spotlight: The Smokey Cigar; Hendersonville, TN

Join us for the grand opening of “Jake’s Place”. Jake is the dog, and the place is an old bunkhouse converted to a backyard smoking lounge and man-cave. Vern, our guest, was a big help with the conversion and renovation of Jake’s Place. The Hidden Herf was pegged on the second guess. The Local Spotlight was sent in from a new Cigar Hack; Nashville Dave.

Local Spotlight – The Smokey Cigar; Hendersonville, TN

Alternative Theory A.K.A Conspiracy Corner – Iranian General Drone Strike

Hidden Herf 112 / Jakes Place

The Smokey Cigar; Hendersonville, TN

Episode 111: New Year 420 Special
– Local Spotlight: Local Cigar Lounge Christmas Parties

It’s the New Year Special. Jake’s Place is almost ready. In the news section we get into the new national 21 year age requirement to purchase Tobacco.  The panel is stumped by the Hidden Herf where we have a split rating.  Harvey tells us more stories from the old days. “420” pops up a few times.

Local Spotlight – Local Cigar Lounge Christmas Parties

Alternative Theory A.K.A Conspiracy Corner – Why are the Articles being held up by House?

Hidden Herf 111

Episode 110: The Hackie Awards Special Edition

In lieu of the Local Spotlight segment we present The Hackie Awards where we award the “Oliver” to the winner of each category. See episode 96 for why we are presenting “Olivers” for the Hack-adamy Awards, it’s not too subtle. The Hidden Herf is one that has a split on the rating because of it’s strength, plus no one gets closer than the distribution company on a guess.

Alternative Theory A.K.A Conspiracy Corner – we get schooled on the definition of Impeachment.

Hidden Herf 110

Episode 108: Christmas Parties and Getting Plowed
– Local Spotlight: Twins Smoke Shop; Londonderry, NH

Cigar shop Christmas parties and events start things off. Plowing and other snow related topics are discussed. We do a rundown of the Black Friday activities at a couple of cigar shops. The Hidden Herf should have been and easy one but it requires a huge clue to get a good guess. Support Cigars for Warriors.

Local Spotlight – Twins Smoke Shop; Londonderry, NH

Alternative Theory A.K.A Conspiracy Corner – we need a new name

Hidden Herf 108/ Twins Smoke Shop


Episode 107: It’s Cheaper to Keep’er
– Local Spotlight: Open Lounge Discussion

For the Thanksgiving holiday we record a week ahead to let everyone enjoy the break, but that doesn’t stop us from doing most of the regular segments and the usual antics. The Hidden Herf is guessed right out of the gate and The Reverend Harvey recounts being away in the service during the holidays. Support Cigars for Warriors.

Local Spotlight – Open Lounge Discussion covers various shops and topics

Alternative Theory A.K.A Conspiracy Corner – we go back to the original “conspiracy” and a few side topics.

Hidden Herf 107

Episode 106: The Board Meeting
– Local Spotlight: Two Guys Smoke Shop; Salem, NH

Whenever we get together to plan anything Cigar Hacks related it’s called a Board Meeting. We were having a discussion on plans for this year’s Retro-Hack-A-Palooza with Brett from The Retrohale and we decide to segue into an episode.  Cigar news and related topics are included. The Hidden Herf may have been an easy one to pick out but no one gets it. Check out Cigar Craig’s Blog and The Cigar Authority.

Local Spotlight – Two Guys Smoke Shop; Salem, NH

Conspiracy Corner – More of the same from congress and the Epstein guards are indicted

Hidden Herf 106 / Two Guys Smoke Shop; Salem, NH