Episode 162: A Visit with Santa
– Local Spotlight: Two Guys Smoke Shop; Seabrook, NH

The Hacks take the Oscuro III out for it’s maiden podcast voyage to the Christmas Party at Two Guys in Seabrook, NH. We run into Jim “The Price is Right” from CLE Cigars and Santa himself! We pull in Mr. Bojimbles and few folks from the lounge throughout the show.

Local Spotlight – Two Guys Smoke Shop; Seabrook, NH

Conspiracy Corner – The Lottery and Cardboard Crack

Hidden Herf 162 / Two Guys, Seabrook

Episode 161: Pasto Resisto w/Hidden Herf Pot-Luck
– Local Spotlight: Football at the Tobacco Shack; Rowley MA

Due to a screw-up on behalf of the production staff we have a Hidden Herf Pot Luck where each panelist smokes a different blind cigar. Comedy Chris calls in on the remote from Jake’s Place. It’s someone’s birthday on Hanukkah, guess who. We talk a little history of gas prices. The Reverend Harvey coins a new term. Limos, Limos, Limos…

Local Spotlight – Football at the Tobacco Shack; Rowley MA

Conspiracy Corner – ESP(N) and the power of the mind.

Hidden Herf Pot Luck

Episode 160: The Yule Log, Maybe
– Local Spotlight: Don Kiki; Daytona Beach, FL

Gringo Stah is on the remote direct from The Don Kiki Cigar Lounge in Daytona, FL. The Hidden Herf is a bit of a dud, but we have a good time chatting with The Gringo while Harvey butchers a few words during Current Events.

Local Spotlight – Don Kiki Cigar Superstore; Daytona Beach, FL

Conspiracy Corner – JFK Jr. Sting

Hidden Herf


Episode 159: Mike T. is Bringing the Heat
– Local Spotlight: Castro’s Back Room; Bedford, NH

We meet a couple of unexpected guests in the lounge and they join us for a surprise episode, sometimes these surprises make for the best episodes. JoJo Mo drops in from afar. The Hidden Herf is a recent release and it gets high marks from the panel. We learn a lot about Etiquette Cigars in Laconia, NH.

Local Spotlight – Castro’s Back Room; Bedford, NH

Conspiracy Corner – The Sting Continues

Hidden Herf / Castro’s Bedford


Episode 158: Tasers with Mike the Cop
– Local Spotlight: Tobacco Shack; Rowley, MA

It’s back to The Shack for the postponed Rocky Patel event w/Mike the Cop. We are just about at “Shack Capacity” with a the group spread out across the lounge this week. Nurse Rick is in quarantine because of a “close contact” and calls in on the remote. We smoke a special Rocky Patel cigar with a bit of history, it’s well received by the panel. Harvey puts a taser on his Christmas list.

Local Spotlight – Rocky Patel event at The Tobacco Shack; Rowley, MA

Conspiracy Corner – Vaccines and off-shore vote counting servers

Hidden Herf / C4 Cigar Box


The Twig / The Tobacco Shack

Episode 157: 3rd Anniversary – Hammer & Sickle and the Masters
– Local Spotlight: Plaistow Cigar Co.; Plaistow, NH

It’s our 3rd anniversary and we are at the Masters Event in Plaistow with Erik Wentworth of Hammer & Sickle Cigars. Back at home-base and recording on a Saturday afternoon, we had quite a turn out. I don’t know how we manage to have a dozen people on, but somehow it works. We do our usual anniversary Hidden Herf Pot Luck with the extra cigars from the past year.

Local Spotlight – The Masters Event at Plaistow Cigar Co.; Plaistow, NH

Conspiracy Corner – The Hammer and the Scorecard

Hidden Herf Pot Luck

Episode 155: Goodbye Gringo Stah
– Local Spotlight: Crawford’s Cigar Shoppe; Vernon, CT

The Gringo is heading south to Florida so we have a ton of laughs on his last in-person show for a while. Why Baby Shark and who is Ludwig? We received an Instagram tag from enjoying_a_cigar in the Netherlands and the discussion around it turns to mayhem. The Hidden Herf stumps the panel and receives mixed reviews. We also received an email from Guam. Due to the timing of this week’s recording the Guam email will be addressed next week – stay tuned.

Local Spotlight – Crawford’s Cigar Shoppe; Vernon, CT

Conspiracy Corner – It’s all true!

Hidden Herf 155 / GUAM

Crawford’s Cigar Shoppe

Episode 154: Pocono Palooza 2.0
– Local Spotlight: Big House Tobacco Outlet; Scranton, PA

Hacks from all over meet in the Poconos for the fall classic – Pocono Palooza. We visit three lounges and smoke up a storm over the weekend. This episode is carried by a couple of the ladies who jump right in and dominate their segment. Olivia from the Big House does the Local spotlight and Crunch-Your-Numbers Laura turns out to be a conspiracy buff. The Hidden Herf is guessed out of thin air and it’s someone’s birthday.

Local Spotlight – Big House Tobacco Outlet; Scranton, PA

Conspiracy Corner – Big Tech censoring and Section 230; a special guest and topic

Hidden Herf 154 / Big House Tobacco Outlet

Episode 153: Raindrops at the Fire Pit
– Local Spotlight: Toscano at Two Guys; Salem, NH

It’s a nice evening for a fire pit, but a random rain cloud drops by for a couple minutes just as we get started. A cool evening and a crackling fire are the back drop for the episode. The Hidden Herf is deja vu, but still stumps the panel.

Local Spotlight – Toscano at Two Guys; Salem, NH

Conspiracy Corner – There’s a red light in the sky.

Hidden Herf 153 / Nonino Grappa