Episode 195: Crickets at the Firepit
– Local Spotlight: Out in the Limo Last Saturday Night

CSM George joins us on the remote where we swear him in as a Cigar Hack. We recount the Vouchers for Veterans event from last week. The Hidden Herf is identified with an initial lucky guess and gets a high rating. The crickets are in the background while we sit around the firepit for the third outdoor episode in a row. The Caballero (GilVideosVisual) tells us about his travels and making cigar brand videos.

Local Spotlight – Out in the Limo Last Saturday Night – Twins & Radloff’s

Controversy Corner – Frank Speech Cyber Symposium

Episode 194: Vouchers for Veterans
– Local Spotlight: Smok’em If You Got’em Event

This week the Hacks put on the Vouchers for Veterans; Smok’em If You Got’em Event at the Smokey Quartz Distillery in Seabrook NH, a veteran owned operation. The event was a huge success. The Hidden Herf was also a huge success, receiving a high rating from the panel.  CSM George made the trip up from CT to join us for this special veterans event and was joined by Mr. Bojimbles of Two Guys, and MJ of the Black Bottle Beard Co. We speak with Jeanne from Vouchers for Veterans, Edgar from Aladino, Sam from Stone Oven Catering and Frank from the Smokey Quartz Distillery during the episode.

Our Vouchers for Veterans business supporters included:
Smokey Quartz Distillery – let us hold the event on their back lot.
Two Guys Cigars – supplier of cigars and more.
Aladino Cigars – our cigar brand sponsor.
Plaistow Cigar – major swag and auction item donations.
Black bottle Beard Oil Co. – auction items and more.
Saddle-Up Saloon – helped us in a big way.
Tri-Rent rentals – supplied the tables and chairs.
Stone Oven Catering – kept the pizzas coming.

Episode 193: Goata-Palooza
– Local Spotlight: Gran Havana; San Diego, CA

It’s a Hacks’ outing with the goats, dogs and a bonfire on a perfect Saturday evening. We’re grillin’ and chillin’ while feeding peanuts to the animals before the show. The neighborhood joins in for the fun and a few join us on the show. The Hidden Herf is interesting and there is a fair amount of cigar talk. The Podcast Juice is flowing so it’s lots of laughs.

Local Spotlight – Gran Havana; San Diego, CA

Controversy Corner – Mask Madness!

Goats and the bonfire pile

Episode 192: Summa-Palooza and Other Fish Stories
– Local Spotlight: The Lake and North Conway Lounges; NH

Stories from Summa-Palooza weekend, Who fell in? Who caught the big ones? It’s a small world. The Hidden Herf draws a split decision. The Smoky Quartz Veteran’s event is Friday July 30th – Tickets available here.

Local Spotlight – The Lake, The Original Cigar & Bar, Cigar Shenanigans Cigar & Cocktail Lounge; North Conway, NH

Controversy Corner – Controlling the narrative and how it relates to the agenda.

Hidden Herf 192 / The Barge


Episode 191: Summa-Palooza
– Local Spotlight: On the lake with the S.S. Low Voltage

It’s Summa-Palooza at the lake house where we sit out on the water to record. We are joined by Dave The Dentist from Nashville, Mark (Ernie) and Bret (Bert) from The Retrohale. We have a so-so Hidden Herf and more fun with the “fart machine” than we should.

Local Spotlight – Summa-Palooza

Controversy Corner – Landing vs. catching a fish.

Hidden Herf 191

Episode 190: Edgar
– Local Spotlight: Excalibur Cigar & Scotch Lounge; San Diego, CA

Our special guest this week is Edgar, our local rep for Tatuaje, L’Atelier, JRE (Alidino), Regis, and Gran Habano Cigars. We learn a lot about all these lines while having the usual fun with the panel.

Local Spotlight – Excalibur Cigar & Scotch Lounge; San Diego, CA

Controversy Corner – Vaccines and UFOs

Hidden Herf 190

Episode 189: Pee-Nuts on Enema Lake
– Local Spotlight: Crown City Cigars; Coronado, CA

We take the S.S. Low Voltage out for our first episode on the water this summer. Our special call-in guest is Korb, manager of Crown City Cigars and co-host of “The Cigar Smokers” podcast. The Monte De Leon Mobile Cigar Lounge pops up two doors down and we learn about “The Vibe You’re In” podcast. The Hidden Herf (with clues) stumps the panel. The “Retrohale” podcast goes on hiatus. The usual hi-jinks ensue and there’s no shortage of bathroom humor.

Local Spotlight – Crown City Cigars; Coronado, CA

Controversy Corner – Is the grid ready for electric vehicles?

Hidden Herf 189 / Crown City Cigars


Episode 188: Jeremy Jack at the Shack
– Local Spotlight: The Tobacco Shack; Rowley, MA

Direct from The Tobacco Shack we have Mr. Black Bottle Beard Oil (a Shack regular) along with the Shack staff for this week’s episode. It’s a fun filled show with a cast of dozens – well, maybe only one. Nurse Rick brings us a boutique brand from his west coast visit as the (not so) Hidden Herf. The Jeremy Jack receives good reviews from the panel. Plenty of laughs in this one!

Local Spotlight – The Tobacco Shack; Rowley, MA

Controversy Corner – Black Rock and the price of silver

Episode 187: The Better Brother
– Local Spotlight: Ooops!

Nurse Rick is on assignment in sunny Southern California visiting future Local Spotlight lounges. Taco Steve, the better brother, joins us this week and we have a few laughs at Nurse Rick’s expense. The mailbag is full and the Hidden Herf is well received. We completely skipped over the Local Spotlight – oh well there’s always next week.

Local Spotlight – Ooops!

Controversy Corner – Extended Unemployment, the real reason for it.

Hidden Herf 187 / New Swag

Episode 186: Wicked Cigars
– Local Spotlight: Route One BNG at The Breakaway; Danvers, MA

This week we are at the Route One BNG (Business Networking Group) open event. It is a gathering of local businesses that includes cigars, a bar and pizza. Impromptu, we are joined by Scott Whitley, BNG member and host of the Boston radio and TV show; Wicked Bites. Scott and the Hacks talk with various Rt. 1 BNG members, who just happen to be cigar smokers too. It’s like a pop-up cigar lounge on the back patio at The Breakaway. The cigar stories are great and the banter around the economic perspective from the folks in the trenches is priceless.

Wicked Bites Radio and TV
New England Tree Company
Saugus Karate Kung Fu
Northeastern Fence
First Class Processing

Local Spotlight – Route One BNG at The Breakaway; Danvers, MA

Controversy Corner – Some things are going up in price artificially.