Episode 139: Sum-A-Palloza Special
– Local Spotlight: On the lake; New Hampshire

Jo-Jo Mo joins the Hacks live for the third “Palooza” in under a year.  For the last couple years have been on the river for the summer trip, but this year we switch it up a bit and stay at the cabin on the lake. We are also joined by Carson Nightly and K-K-K-Katie. Katie is a bit of a novice but knows all the right questions related to the Hidden Herf, that Jo-Jo Mo pegs in just a few minutes. This episode is the result of smoking cigars, drinking beer, and fishing for two solid days; add a great cigar and it’s a “laugh track” we wont soon forget.

Local Spotlight – On the lake; New Hampshire

Conspiracy Corner – Coin shortages and the cashless push

Hidden Herf 139

Episode 138: Riding Out the Storm
– Local Spotlight: The Mustang Ranch; New Hampshire

It’s another outdoor episode, but this time a storm rolls by just west of us and we have a front row seat. We did have to wait out the wind and brief sprinkle but the show must go on. The hidden Herf turns out to be a chain smoke because of the delay. We tell the story of what happened after last week’s recording and how we got our hands on some rare cigars and made a new friend; Hamlet Paredes from Rocky Patel.

Local Spotlight – The Mustang Ranch; New Hampshire

Conspiracy Corner – Q-Plus

Hidden Herf 138 / The Mustang Ranch / Storm on the Horizon


Episode 137: Not Just Blowing Smoke with Bugsy Segal of Pura Soul Cigars
– Local Spotlight: Twins Smoke Shop; Hooksett, NH

Half of the “Not Just Blowing Smoke” (NJBS) podcast and Dave “Bugsy” Segal of Pura Soul Cigars join the Hacks for another in-lounge episode. We smoke the Pura Soul Maduro which garners rave reviews from all participants. Bugsy tells us about the Pura Soul founder Robert Wright. Pastor Padron (Dan) and the other Dave (yes, it’s a three Dave show) get us up to speed on all the changes at Twins in Hookset and Londonderry. We cover a lot of cigar,  pipe, and lounge ground with our guests this week direct from the Lounge in Hookset, which is also the new NJBS studio.

Local Spotlight – Twins Smoke Shop; Hooksett, NH

Conspiracy Corner – The conspiracy team has been abducted this week, so we just wing it in typical Hack style.

Episode 136: In the Gutter Again
– Local Spotlight: Cigars R Us; Danvers, MA

Outdoors for the fifth, and in the gutter for the second week in a row. The “sidewalk lounge” at Cigars R Us is along side the building on Cherry Street and we are literally sitting in the street again. We are joined by a large cast of characters and a big audience. It’s like a street fair in Danvers Square. The Hidden Herf is a hit, but stumps all 16 participants. The new proprietors, Shannon & John, are on hand for Local Spotlight. Billy Cigars and Sweet Lou jump in with Mustang Mike for Conspiracy Corner. Close your eyes and you will be transported to directly the “Sidewalk Lounge” on a warm summer night in New England.

Local Spotlight – Cigars R Us; Danvers, MA

Conspiracy Corner – What’s behind all the scare tactics?

Hidden Herf 136 / H&S Lamp

Episode 135: Taking it to the Streets
– Local Spotlight: Radloff’s Cigar Shop and On the Rox Lounge; Rochester, NH

Continuing with our outdoor theme (#4) we are literally in the street this week. Radloff’s is in a unique position where they have been allowed to have an outdoor lounge in the on-street parking area in front of the shop during this unprecedented time. Once we saw the pictures of what they set up we had to go up and do and episode right there in the street. That’s right, they can serve the hard stuff in the street while you smoke. We are joined by a few of the Radloff regulars and have one of the best, and unique, lounge experiences with perfect weather and good friends.

Local Spotlight – Radloff’s Cigar Shop and On the Rox Lounge; Rochester, NH

Conspiracy Corner – Riots, Antifa, and CHAZ

Hidden Herf 135 /Radloff’s On-Street Lounge

Episode 134: Strawberry Moon
– Local Spotlight: Happy Jack’s Cigars, Pipe and Tobacco Shop; Laconia, NH

The weather is so good that we go out on Enema Lake for a second week in a row. It’s the Strawberry Moon and the sky is crystal clear. We start in the middle of the lake to avoid the bugs but the wind kicks up and we start moving. This might be the first time we recorded while moving, but when we get into the cove, at the 14:30 mark, it’s a dead calm. The Hidden Herf is a special find by Nurse Rick from the local spotlight, of course, it’s so rare that no one has seen it before. It’s “Fish On” and the Podcast Juice is flowing. We are back to the regular events format – there are actual events to report!

Local Spotlight: Happy Jack’s Cigars, Pipe and Tobacco Shop; Laconia, NH

Conspiracy Corner – Mike Jr.

Hidden Herf 134 / Strawberry Moon on Enema Lake

Episode 133: Return to Enema Lake 2020
– Local Spotlight: Smoke On The Water; Enema Lake, NH

It’s the 2020 edition of our return to recording on the boat while fishing and smoking cigars. Comedy Chris is back at the helm and it seems we have overcome the power issues with the S. S. Low Voltage (A.K.A Smoke on the Water). After a number of clues and a multitude of guesses the Hidden Herf is finally landed on by the panel. It’s the usual antics and fun from the panel out on the water.

Local Spotlight – Smoke On The Water; Enema Lake, NH

Conspiracy Corner – Social media giants are put on notice.

Hidden Herf 133

Episode 132: It’s Hammer Time w/Erik Wentworth of Hammer + Sickle Cigars
– Local Spotlight: Twins Smoke Shop – Under the Tent; Londonderry, NH

NH has allowed outdoor lounges and we jumped at the opportunity to do our first live lounge recording in the ten weeks since the “lock-down” began. Erik Wentworth of Hammer + Sickle joins us for the return to a bit of “the old normal” . It’s time to catch up with Erik talk about the Hammer and plenty of other fun stuff. The no-so Hidden Herf is the Caleanoch.

Local Spotlight – Twins Smoke Shop; Londonderry, NH

Conspiracy Corner – Is it the Plandemic or the Dempanic? Fear Porn.

Hidden Herf 132 / Twins 7-20-4 Outdoor Lounge

Episode 131: Weathering the Storm
– Local Spotlight: Twins Smoke Shop; Hooksett, NH

The front rolls through as we start the show, under a tornado watch we forge ahead. Fishing stories, Covid 19 update, ADA, HIPPA and masks. Nurse Rick picks out the Hidden Herf cigar brand after one clue with his first guess. Boober Eats at The Lucky Devil Lounge. Somehow we start talking about Route 66. Comedy Chris calls in, places his order and sets the fish story straight.

Local Spotlight – Twins Smoke Shop; Hooksett, NH

Conspiracy Corner – Q returns, unmasking, you can’t question the narrative, etc.

Video references – Squirrel Man and His Jam Band

Hidden Herf 131 / The Retirement Sign from Hammer & Sickle


Episode 130: Friends in the pool
– Local Spotlight: Who is actually open?

The Hidden Herf is a winner, it stumps the panel and gets a great rating! We get into a few guitars, Nurse Rick takes a drive down memory lane and Comedy Chris joins us on the remote. Current Events are starting to come back to life. Nurse Rick and Mustang Mike face-off for Conspiracy Corner – this one is a bit heavy, will you fall into the trap?

Local Spotlight – Who is actually open?

Conspiracy Corner – You aren’t allowed to question the narrative.

Hidden Herf 130