Episode 59: Sick Nurse Rick
– Local Spotlight: Castro’s Back Room; Bedford, NH

This is an in-lounge episode recorded at Castro’s Back Room in Bedford, New Hampshire. The Stunning Christie, Reverend Harvey, Big Man Tate and Cigar Hack Dave are in the lounge with Skippy (Bret, from The Retrohale) and “sick” Nurse Rick on the remote call-in. We cover a lot of ground in this one so break out the score cards. With the help of a wild guess from Nurse Rick and illegal use of the internet, Christie nails the Hidden Herf in under 12 minutes. The Reverend Harvey spins the current events with style. We jump from animals to home ownership to auto repair and just about everything in between.

Conspiracy Corner: Nurse Rick and Rev. Harvey pull off a great segment on the Zapruder film. As a bonus section we take on medieval castles and kamikaze pilots.

Local Spotlight: Castro’s Back Room; Bedford, NH

Castro’s Back Room – Bedford, NH

Hidden Herf 59

Episode 58: Christmas Special 2018

Our Christmas special has most of the usual segments and banter, we do a little gift swap instead of the regular local spotlight. The Secret Santa Hidden Herf is a real wild-card and receives mixed reviews. We are joined by Big Man Tate on the remote where we recount the Federal Cigar Christmas Party and Cigar Yankee Swap. Of course, Conspiracy corner is framed around Christmas, religion, holidays and more.

“The Burner” Table Top Cigar Lighter by Alec Bradley

Colibri V-Cut Cigar Cutter

Cigar Authority 2018 Contenders

Hidden Herf 58

Episode 57: Hookah Hacks
– Local Spotlight: Cloud Palace’s New VIP Room; Salem, NH

Whenever we throw a last minute recording session together it always turns out great. We drop in to the Cloud Palace mid week and have an opportunity to be joined by some of the Cloud Palace family members and their friends. The quests are on the hookahs and also join us for the Hidden Herf. We get schooled on the finer points of how hookahs work and we return the favor by holding a mini cigar lighting class. Nurse Rick gets a peek at the edge of Dommies Hidden Herf band and figures it out quickly. Mustang Mike surprises us by dropping in mid-show and gets into it with the guests.

Conspiracy Corner: Immigration, draining the swap, and Boston sports.

Local Spotlight: Cloud Palace’s New VIP Room; Salem, NH

Hidden Herf 57

Episode 56: Sound Effects and E-mail
– Local Spotlight: Casa Fuente; Las Vegas, NV

We put together another classic “Hack” episode from the Nut-Nook. The Hidden Herf is pegged by Nick the Nasty right out of the gate. The Reverend Harvey runs down a long list of current events. Nurse Rick and Dommie the Dominator have new sound effects and throw them in all through the show. The Cuban Vixen calls in from Las Vegas to give us a surprise Local Spotlight report. A couple of suspect e-mails rolled in this week. We have a birthday surprise for Nurse Rick. JoJo Mo was watching curling so we gave him a call.

Local Spotlight: Casa Fuente; Las Vegas, NV

Conspiracy Corner: Just who is sending us e-mails, and is Mustang Mike really Q-Anon?

Casa Fuente; Las Vegas, NV

Hidden Herf 56

Episode 55: Magazine
– Local Spotlight: Castro’s at The Station Bar; Keene, NH

After last week we calm down a little with a mellow smoke and episode. We still have a lot of fun with Podcast Juice and a bunch of Hack updates. Nurse Rick brings us a Hidden Herf suggested by our friend Erik Wentworth of Hammer and Sickle. The Reverend Harvey rolls through the current events with style. Bushy and the Dominator keep us in line. The magazine “falls out of the rafters” and lands in the middle of this episode. Pallets for the fire-pit, deer are everywhere, driving in the snow storm, Dom’s ventilation “hack”, some extra gas, and the Dudley. A shameless give-away is considered to encourage listener participation – send us an email at cigarhacks@cigarhacks.com and we may read it on the show.

Local Spotlight: Castro’s at The Station Bar; Keene, NH

Conspiracy Corner: We revisit the Denver Airport discussions.

Castro’s at The Station Bar; Keene, NH

Hidden Herf 52 / Podcast Juice at The Station

Episode 54: Off the Rails
– Local Spotlight: ???

Starting season 2 we have the largest panel so far, nine plus two call-ins. With this many voices things go off the rails early which makes for another interesting episode where we completely miss the local spotlight. Nick the Nasty brings us a nice surprise for the Hidden Herf, the Reverend Harvey runs through the Current Events, and Mustang Mike covers the Conspiracy Corner. We have a guest Hack from the motor city; Comedy Chris’ son Detroit Steve. Nurse Rick calls in Skippy from The Retrohale and JoJo Mo during the second half.  Corespondent Mike gets fired (again), Dommie the Dominator keeps us warm, ventilated and tends bar mixing Podcast Juice, while Cigar Hack Dave tries to herd all these cats.

Hidden Herf 54

Episode 53: 1st Anniversary Special

Recorded in the original location [Plaistow Cigar Co.] with the original Cigar Hacks [Matty, Nick, Dave plus Rick &Harvey] we review the first year of The Cigar Hacks. We saved extra Hidden Herfs from almost every episode and each pick out a few favorites to smoke during this episode. There’s a segment covering all the Hacks and guests from the past year and one on the history of The Cigar Hacks, The Cold Draw and Podcast Juice.

We discuss a multitude of topics including:

  • Favorite Hidden Herfs
  • Licking cigars before lighting
  • Our favorite shops
  • The political climate and recent election
  • Netflix – Goosebumps; Outlaw King; The Equalizer 2
  • Liberty & Hawthorn Hotel Hauntings
  • Our Favorite episodes including excerpts form:

Episode 5: It’s Black Friday Every Day
Episode 22: Raw Meat
Episode 32: False Starts on Enema Lake
Episode 37: Make a Sandwich; with The Retrohale
Episode 44: Dead in the Water with Skippy & The Mate

Featuring: Skippy, The Mate, The Brooklyn Chick, Comedy Chris, Dommie the Dominator, Dommies Doll, Erik Wentworth, and Corespondent Mike

Cigar Hacks

Episode 52: Cigar Craig Special / Veterans Day Edition
– Local Spotlight: Sosa Family Cigar; Orlando, FL

Cigar Craig joins the Hacks for an hour and a quarter of cigar talk and banter about many of other topics; Cigar Craig’s Podcast, how the Cigar Craig Blog started, dogs, chickens, other animals, regional accents, growing tobacco, Carlito’s auctions, stopping at JR Cigars, “Presidential” cigars, Plymouth Pebble (Rock), Cigar Hacks back story, Saco River Trip, and Veterans Day.

Current Events: The Reverend Harvey tells us what’s happening at the shops we have featured.

Local Spotlight: Sosa Family Cigar; Orlando, FL

Conspiracy Corner: The counting of votes is not as difficult as it seems in Broward County.

Sosa Family Cigar; Orlando, FL / The “Sosa Handrolls”

Hidden Herf 52 / Lazaro the roller

Episode 51: Nerds of the North
– Local Spotlight: Michael’s Tobacco; Euless, TX

Recorded north of Twins, Twins, Twins from The Stunning Christy’s garage, garage, garage. We are joined by JoJo Mo and The Happy Hooker on the remote. Nurse Rick pulls out a Hidden Herf that no one has smoked before. Cigar Planner site is down & Limo talk. Current Events reported by the Reverend Harvey. Local Spotlight from Big Man Tate. The Retrohale; Spooktacular and T.L. Johnson episodes. All y’all. The robotics challenge, an impromptu report from a passer-by.

Current Events: The Reverend Harvey rocks the Current Events this week.

Local Spotlight: Michael’s Tobacco; Euless, TX (Way to go Tate!)

Conspiracy Corner: The conspiracy panelists have not returned from the beyond, put out an APB!

Episode 50: Larry the Dog and Happy Clouds
– Local Spotlight: Corona Cigar Co.; Orlando, FL

It’s the Halloween edition, we are at a costume party while smoking and recording. A standard format episode except that Larry the dog is having too much fun with all the party activity. The Hidden Herf is an easy guess for most of the panel because of it’s distinctive characteristics. Bob the Painter (Ross) joins us for some “happy clouds”.

Current Events: See CigarPlanner.com for more details, filter by your state or city.

Local Spotlight: Corona Cigar Co.; Orlando, FL

Conspiracy Corner: The conspiracy panelists have not returned from the beyond.

Corona Cigar Co.; Orlando, FL

Hidden Herf 50