Episode 117: Hackapalooza 2020
– Local Spotlight: The Tobacco Shack, Radloff’s, Etc.

It’s the 2nd annual Hackapalooza (AKA RetroHack Spectacular) weekend. On the last evening after the Superbowl we hit record and recap all the zany things from the past two and a half days. This episode could be titled “The 100 Minute Laugh Track”. After two plus days of non-stop cigars and booze the panel is in rare form. The Hidden Herf is compliments of JoJo Mo and stumps the panel.

Hackapalooza is the annual gathering of The Cigar Hacks and The Retrohale from NH, MA, PA, NC, MS, CO, and now TN. It’s a smoke filled weekend of fun and adventure as we travel around the countryside in the mobile smoking lounge limos we call the Oscuro and Oscuro II.

Local Spotlight – The Tobacco Shack, The Domicile, The Cigar Authority, Twins Smoke Shop, The Railpenny Tavern, Radloff’s on the Rox Lounge, Enema Lake, Plaistow Cigar Co., and Football on the House.

Conspiracy Corner – Harry and Meghan; the royals, or maybe not…

Hidden Herf 117 / Hackapalooza 2020


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