Episode 68: Princes and Kings
– Local Spotlight: Drew Estate, March Madness, and The Shriners

Joined by a new recruit who hails from the DR the laugh-o-meter is set on high. The Hidden Herf starts out strong but mellows mid-stream; it looks like the Habano, not the Maduro. We cover Podcast Juice, El Oscuro, The Oscars, and a few personnel changes in the local area. The Reverend handles the Current Events. We report on three events we attended this week. The panel will bet on just about anything including how many boxes Cigar Hack Dave picks up at Two Guys March Madness.

Local Spotlight: Drew Estate, March Madness, and The Shriners

Conspiracy Corner: Deflated Balls

Hidden Herf 68 / Nurse Rick’s Cigar Box Table


Episode 67: Three Hack-migos
– Local Spotlight: Podcasting Locations Past and Future

Nurse Rick, Dommie the Dominator and Cigar Hack Dave hold down the fort for this episode. We talk about some rare cigars, the Oscuro limo and March Madness. The Hidden Herf is an economy type also know as a golf or yard-gar. Nurse Rick takes his first swing at reading the current events. Comedy Chris calls in for a few laughs latter in the show. Nurse Rick has a Conspiracy Corner rant. A question from last episode about The Eifel Tower and The Statue of Liberty gets answered.

Hidden Herf  67 / The Hombre Ashtray


Episode 66: Tequila at Dave’s Depot
– Local Spotlight: Kelly of Aston at Twins and Roy of Perdomo at Plaistow Cigar

Not only are we drinking Patron XO Cafe Dark Cocoa and Incindia (chile choclate) tequila but Cuestion Tequila trips up The Reverend Harvey during Current Events. The Hidden Herf is a great cigar that we should have known but Nurse Rick throws us off the scent and gives us clues at the same time. We attended a couple of cigar events this week and give a recount of the experience. We go in a few different directions including making lamps from empty podcast juice liquor bottles, humidors, Valentines Day and getting the boat and the dock fixed up for the season.

Local Spotlight: Kelly of Aston at Twins, Londonderry NH and Roy of Perdomo at Plaistow Cigar Co., Plaistow NH

Hidden Herf 66 / The Flamingo

Episode 65: 2019 RetroHack Spectacular Recap
– Local Spotlight: New Hampshire Cigar Lounge Tour Part 2

This episode is a recap of the entire RetroHack Spectacular with stories from the road trip. We do a Hidden Herf and again it’s a surprise for the panel. A few of the RetroHacks call in during the show and we talk about the unexpected things that happened along the way, all the swag that was collected and the cigars that were smoked.

Local Spotlight: New Hampshire Cigar Lounge Tour Part 2

Hidden Herf 65

Episode 64: 2019 RetroHack Spectacular Special Edition
– Local Spotlight: New Hampshire Cigar Lounge Tour

We record a special edition show on Friday evening from the Plaistow Cigar shop with the entire RetroHack group after a day of touring cigar lounges in New Hampshire. This is our eighth stop on the tour with one more to go until tomorrow. Saturday we hit five more locations making a total of 13 different lounges plus a stop at Enema Lake for a round of Curling in two and a half days. The RetroHacks take the Oscuro limo for a 688 mile tour of lounges from Nashua to North Conway including:

Two Guys, Salem, Nashua, & Seabrook; Twins, Londonderry & Hookset; Castro’s, Bedford; O’Shea’s, Nashua; Plaistow Cigar, Plaistow; Cloud Palace, Salem; Federal Cigar, Portsmouth & Epping; The Original Cigar & Bar, North Conway; Cigar Shenanigans, North Conway; Enema Lake for Curling.

Conspiracy Corner: The Last President

Local Spotlight: New Hampshire Cigar Lounge Tour in the Oscuro Limo

Hack’s Shirts / Curling “Stones” / Enema Lake

Episode 63: Gettin’ Some Cold-Cuts for the Big Game
– Local Spotlight: Smoke On The Water, New Hampshire

This week we get ready for the final football game of the season and make last-minute preparations for all the guests who will be arriving later in the week for the Retro-Hack Spectacular. It’s about time we have a Hidden Herf that no one nailed out of the gate, and it’s a good one! Plenty of stories to go around and lots of events this week. New: The Liquor Cabinet sub-segment.

Conspiracy Corner: The Saints vs. The Chiefs and other football stuff.

Local Spotlight: Smoke On The Water, Somewhere in New Hampshire

Smoke on the Water / Mud-pedaler w/small barge

Hidden Herf 63

Episode 62: The Retro-Hack Spectacular Pre-Game Show
– Local Spotlight: Open Mic with the Goat at O’Shea’s Nashua, NH

We are joined by many of the folks that will be coming to New Hampshire for the Retro-Hack Spectacular at the end of the month. We talk lots of Cigars and other things related to what to expect in two weeks at the Spectacular. Nurse Rick picks out the Hidden Herf by just looking at the cigar.

Conspiracy Corner: The AFC Championship – Patriots and Chiefs

Local Spotlight: Open Mic Night with the Goat and Friends at O’Shea’s Nashua, NH

O’Shea’s Nashua, NH

Hidden Herf 62

Episode 61: Root Beer & Moose Poop
– Local Spotlight: Limo to Twins Smoke Shop; Londonderry, NH

Join us for this episode to find out how Root Beer and Moose Poop relate to a Cigar podcast. Nick schools us on how to pick out the Hidden Herf. He is really getting good at this cigar thing. We take out the Oscuro (Hack’s limo) this week and go for a smoke at Twins before heading to Dom’s to record the episode. Planning for the Hack-a-palooza at the end of this month is in full swing.

Conspiracy Corner: Moose Poop; can it be profitable?

Local Spotlight: Limo to Twins Smoke Shop; Londonderry, NH

Inside the Oscuro / Twins 70-20-4 Lounge

Hidden Herf 61 / The Oscuro

Episode 60: Full-House at the Poker Table
– Local Spotlight: Federal Cigar; Epping, NH

An in-lounge episode direct from Federal Cigar in Epping, New Hampshire, as we sit around the card table in the back of the lounge with a full-house of eight Hacks. The Hidden Herf is revealed under questionable circumstances – again. The upcoming Cigar Convention with The Retrohale is discussed. The Reverend Harvey gets uncharacteristically steamed while reading the current events.

Local Spotlight: Federal Cigar; Epping, NH

Conspiracy Corner: Mustang Mike drops a few bombshells that should not be missed.

Federal Cigar; Epping, NH

Hidden Herf 60

Episode 59: Sick Nurse Rick
– Local Spotlight: Castro’s Back Room; Bedford, NH

This is an in-lounge episode recorded at Castro’s Back Room in Bedford, New Hampshire. The Stunning Christie, Reverend Harvey, Big Man Tate and Cigar Hack Dave are in the lounge with Skippy (Bret, from The Retrohale) and “sick” Nurse Rick on the remote call-in. We cover a lot of ground in this one so break out the score cards. With the help of a wild guess from Nurse Rick and illegal use of the internet, Christie nails the Hidden Herf in under 12 minutes. The Reverend Harvey spins the current events with style. We jump from animals to home ownership to auto repair and just about everything in between.

Conspiracy Corner: Nurse Rick and Rev. Harvey pull off a great segment on the Zapruder film. As a bonus section we take on medieval castles and kamikaze pilots.

Local Spotlight: Castro’s Back Room; Bedford, NH

Castro’s Back Room – Bedford, NH

Hidden Herf 59