Episode 310: Weekend at the Lake House
– Local Spotlight: Kurt’s 60th Birthday Bash w/Rock Patel

Kurt Kendall of Twins Smoke Shop and 7-20-4 Cigars has his 60th birthday bash with Rocky Patel. A few lucky raffle winners are invited the the lake house for the weekend with Kurt and Rocky for cigars, food and spirits. Our own Hunter Rick and Nurse Rick are among the weekend winners. We get a call in from the lake house and speak with Rocky, Rick, Mike and Pat. The Hidden Herf is a potpourri of selections from the New England Cigar Expo 1st day and we include the interview with the Nish PatelĀ  and Team Rocky from the Expo.

Local Spotlight – Kurt’s 60th Birthday Bash w/Rock Patel

Controversy Corner – Jetting Swiftly and the IDF

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