Episode 302: J. Grotto, RoMa Craft, and Miserable Nick
– Local Spotlight: Mr. J’s Havana Cigar Lounge; Coventry, RI

We return to Mr. J’s in RI with Miserable Nick to sit down with Paul Joyal of J. Grotto Cigars and Mr. J’s Havana Cigar Lounge. When we arrive we find that Mike Rosales, the “Ro” in RoMa Craft Tobac, is there on an unscheduled visit. As true Hacks we have Mike join us and talk about his experiences with making cigars and RoMa Craft. Also joining in latter is Dave Monroe the lounge manager at Mr. J’s. This is another one of those unexpected episodes where we get more than one perspective on the cigar industry.

Local Spotlight – Mr. J’s Havana Cigar Lounge; Coventry, RI

Controversy Corner – The controversy is that there is no controversy !

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