Episode 262: 5th Anniversary Special – Local Cigar Podcasts
– Local Spotlight: Studio 21 at Two Guys Smoke Shop; Salem, NH

It’s been five years of the Cigar Hacks and we celebrate by inviting representatives from the six other local cigar podcasts to join us for this special occasion. We discuss cigar podcasting, some of our collective history, how the shows are all different but oddly connected, and as usual we go in a few unexpected directions. We smoke a pair of very good cigars, one each from Two Guys and Twins Smoke Shops. We get a little back story on the cigars as well.
Dave and Barry from The Cigar Authority, The after Show, and The Ash Holes along with Pat from Not Just Blowing Smoke join the panel. Matt from The Smokin’ Tabacco Show and The Spare Notes Series was not able to attend.

Barry’s Shameless Plug URLs:
Studio 21 Podcast Cafe
United Podcast Network

Local Spotlight – Studio 21 at Two Guys Smoke Shop; Salem, NH

Controversy Corner – To the Moon and More!

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