Episode 165: Hey Ernie, Welcome to Venezuela
– Local Spotlight: Eli’s Smoking Lounge; Nashua, NH

We have the Kracken Spiced Podcast Juice this week. Voice mail etiquette. The Caballero pegs the Hidden Herf after just a couple clues. We interview Gil and he tells us about his travels to some cigar related video shoots. See FB and GilVideosVisual.com for samples of Gil’s work. We go into more detail on the NH regulations related to Cigar Bars. We discuss some Hackapalooza planning topics. Did we mention Ernie?

Local Spotlight – Eli’s Smoking Lounge; Nashua, NH

Controversy Corner – On the ground at the top of the steps.

Hidden Herf 165 / The Kraken / Elie’s Smoking Lounge



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