Episode 139: Sum-A-Palloza Special
– Local Spotlight: On the lake; New Hampshire

Jo-Jo Mo joins the Hacks live for the third “Palooza” in under a year.  For the last couple years have been on the river for the summer trip, but this year we switch it up a bit and stay at the cabin on the lake. We are also joined by Carson Nightly and K-K-K-Katie. Katie is a bit of a novice but knows all the right questions related to the Hidden Herf, that Jo-Jo Mo pegs in just a few minutes. This episode is the result of smoking cigars, drinking beer, and fishing for two solid days; add a great cigar and it’s a “laugh track” we won’t soon forget.

Local Spotlight – On the lake; New Hampshire

Conspiracy Corner – Coin shortages and the cashless push

Hidden Herf 139

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