Episode 122: C.L.E. Cigars with Christian & Jim
– Local Spotlight: Slow Burn lounge; Dover, NH

With our special guests, Christian Eiroa and Jim Price of C.L.E Cigars, we come to you direct from Federal Cigar and the Slow Burn Lounge in Dover NH. Christian tells us stories about his company, C.L.E Cigars, as well as his family’s history and a little about their brand; JRE Tobacco. It’s another unique discussion in typical Hack fashion with lots of laughs and an extended panel. Jeremy is on hand to tell us about the lounge and what’s shaking at the venue. Nurse Rick reminds us to wash our hands to avoid getting sick.

Video Reference – Squirrel Man and His Jam Band

Local Spotlight – Slow Burn lounge; Dover, NH

Conspiracy Corner – The Coronavirus killed a few folks, but they were never infected.

Hidden Herf 122 / The Oscuro One / H&S Lamp

Slow Burn Lounge; Dover, NH

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