Episode 64: 2019 RetroHack Spectacular Special Edition
– Local Spotlight: New Hampshire Cigar Lounge Tour

We record a special edition show on Friday evening from the Plaistow Cigar shop with the entire RetroHack group after a day of touring cigar lounges in New Hampshire. This is our eighth stop on the tour with one more to go until tomorrow. Saturday we hit five more locations making a total of 13 different lounges plus a stop at Enema Lake for a round of Curling in two and a half days. The RetroHacks take the Oscuro limo for a 688 mile tour of lounges from Nashua to North Conway including:

Two Guys, Salem, Nashua, & Seabrook; Twins, Londonderry & Hookset; Castro’s, Bedford; O’Shea’s, Nashua; Plaistow Cigar, Plaistow; Cloud Palace, Salem; Federal Cigar, Portsmouth & Epping; The Original Cigar & Bar, North Conway; Cigar Shenanigans, North Conway; Enema Lake for Curling.

Conspiracy Corner: The Last President

Local Spotlight: New Hampshire Cigar Lounge Tour in the Oscuro Limo

Hack’s Shirts / Curling “Stones” / Enema Lake

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