Episode 41: Dirty Jersey with JoJo Mo
– Local Spotlight: Hoboken Cigars; Hoboken, NJ

In typical Hack fashion we throw an episode together in a couple of hours. We put out the call to the troops and with three regular Hacks and one call in guest we pull off another gem, impromptu. JoJo Mo (Joe Morasco) fits right in and coincidentally is calling from New Jersey just a few minutes from this weeks Local Spotlight. The conversation takes the usual twists and turns somehow we go from sending a package to Mark and Bret at The Retrohale to to lubing up cables for a massive pull. The Hidden Herf reveal is priceless! What does any of this have to do with the price of pipe tobacco on New Zealand?

Current Events: September is annual dinner month – there are multiple shops celebrating. See CigarPlanner.com for more details, filter by your state or city.

Local Spotlight: Hoboken Cigars; Hoboken, NJ

Conspiracy Corner: Aliens have abducted the conspiracy theorists again.

Hoboken Cigars – Hoboken, NJ

Online Photos: Exterior View Lounge  Humidor Interactive

Hidden Herf 41

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