Episode 39: The Common Law Wife; with The Retrohale
– Local Spotlight: Havana Cigar Club, RI

We record with The Retrohale for almost 5 hours this week – cutting this down to 1:07 was a real challenge, leaving plenty of gems for future episodes.

The topics: Don’t get too technical. Email, social media and telephone scams. Can you see Boston from Colorado? Driving distances – NE, East Coast – NJ and NC. Dominican Rejects, somehow we both smoked the same cigars on last weeks’ shows. Cigar Craig. Perdomo Cigars. Use the promo code “RETRO”. Podcast Juice Classic Cocktails, Ballots and Bottles. The Smokin’ Butt-Head Hobo from United Cigar. Comedy Chris guesses the Hidden Herf – sort of… Alex the Snooker Bastard. The Red Sox and Patriots are not in the “Current Events” segment. Java Red – still a surprise. Lobbie Omelets and Lobbie Sauce. The Rhode Island Cigar Crawl and too much Dominican coffee.

Current Events: See CigarPlanner.com for more details, filter by your state or city.

Local Spotlight: Havana Cigar Club; Warwick, RI

Conspiracy Corner:  Aliens have abducted the conspiracy theorists.

Drive to all NE states in a day;  Podcast Juice Cocktails;  Bret’s Mug

The Smokin’ Butt-Head Hobo;  Dom’s B’Day Cake;  Hidden Herf 39

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