Episode 37: Make a Sandwich; with The Retrohale
– Local Spotlight: Castro’s Back Room, Bedford

We try to do another episode from the boat but the weather rolls in just as we are about to start and are forced to pack up, head back to the dock and go inside. Nurse Rick sent another Lobster Care Package to The Retrohale so we have the boys from Colorado on as guests before they cook them up. While we wait for Mark to get out of work Bret keeps us in stitches talking with The Brooklyn Chick. We have the ladies in the peanut gallery and we create one of our highest LPM (laugh per minute) episodes. The Hidden Herf is pretty good too.

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Local Spotlight: Castro’s Back Room; Bedford, NH

Castro’s Back Room – Bedford, NH


Hidden Herf 37 / Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival / Big Papi

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