Episode 21: Kennedy Konnections
– Local Spotlight: Two Guys Smoke Shop; Seabrook

This episode’s Hidden Herf is universally liked by the panel, but still no guesses on what it is are in the ball park. The discussion, as usual, is a bit random and includes chasing mice, dogs, Laugh-In, Harleys, etc. Bonus material; Jeep Week – Moab UT and King of the Hammers – Johnson Valley CA

Current Events: See CigarPlanner.com for more details, filter by your state or city.

Local Spotlight: Two Guys Smoke Shop – Seabrook, NH. A great shop with an excellent lounge arrangement.

Conspiracy corner: We cover all topics “Kennedy” from Chappaquiddick to JFK Jr. About half the episode is consumed by Kennedy related conspiracy theories, including connections to the Clintons and the Bushs.

Two Guys Smoke Shop – Seabrook, NH

Jeep Week / Hidden Herf 21

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