Episode 22: Raw Meat
– Local Spotlight: En Fuego Tobacco Shop

This week we have a slightly different format and an introduction to a new Cigar Hack; The Brooklyn Chic. With just two of us recording live the Hidden Herf is not much of a secret so the regular feature is modified. Instead of Conspiracy corner we adapt a segment recorded after hours with the boys from Colorado, Bret and Mark of The Retrohale Podcast, which turns out to be more comedy than cigars.

Current Events: See CigarPlanner.com for more details, filter by your state or city.

Local Spotlight: En Fuego Tobacco Shop – Rockwall, TX. An indoor/outdoor lounge with a very large walk-in.

Mentioned on the episode: Cigar Cutters By Jim

En Fuego Tobacco Shop – Rockwall, TX

Hidden Herf 22 / The Retohale Podcast

Episode 21: Kennedy Konnections
– Local Spotlight: Two Guys Smoke Shop; Seabrook

This episode’s Hidden Herf is universally liked by the panel, but still no guesses on what it is are in the ball park. The discussion, as usual, is a bit random and includes chasing mice, dogs, Laugh-In, Harleys, etc. Bonus material; Jeep Week – Moab UT and King of the Hammers – Johnson Valley CA

Current Events: See CigarPlanner.com for more details, filter by your state or city.

Local Spotlight: Two Guys Smoke Shop – Seabrook, NH. A great shop with an excellent lounge arrangement.

Conspiracy corner: We cover all topics “Kennedy” from Chappaquiddick to JFK Jr. About half the episode is consumed by Kennedy related conspiracy theories, including connections to the Clintons and the Bushs.

Two Guys Smoke Shop – Seabrook, NH

Jeep Week / Hidden Herf 21

Episode 20: Déjà Vu 18
– Local Spotlight: Smokey Joe’s Cigar House and Puff & Quill Smokery

More nonsense from Nicks Novelty Hut and Marc from Maryland calls in. This sounds like episode 18 all over again but we have a different panel. There are a lot of events this week and we get into plenty of cigar stuff. CLE and JRE, what’s the relation? J.C. Newman and Fuente, are they the same?
The Hidden Herf gets a low rating. Another First – most of the panel switches to new cigars after the reveal.

Current Events: See CigarPlanner.com for more details, filter by your state or city.

Local Spotlight 1: Smokey Joe’s Cigar House – Worcester MA. A compact lounge, bar and walk-in attached to a huge night club.

Local Spotlight 2: Puff & Quill Smokery – Randallstown, MD. An upscale lounge with many regular and special events.

Conspiracy Corner: Fresh News – Assange communications restricted; History repeats itself – the gun debate; Spies poisoned in England; DNC email; Facebook and Amazon under scrutiny; “Q” theories; Kim Jung-Un goes to China.

Smokey Joe’s Cigar House – Worcester MA

Hidden Herf 20 / The Super Punch

Episode 19: Lancero and the HR Department
– Local Spotlight: Cigar and Lounge

We smoke another great Lancero this episode and somehow that leads to a discussion on starting a Cigar Hacks HR department. We also discuss bloom, or is it plume, vs. mold; Warner Brothers vs. Disney; piggly tails and shaggy feet; there’s an App with ads for that; iHeart, Kiss 108, & XM Radio; river beer & hidden hops; Cigar Craig and his dog Macha;  limos; and bagpipes.

In the second half the Hidden-Herf Reveal stumps the panel and we go to large ring gauge cigars; Girl Scout cookies; vodka; and curling one more time.

Current Events: CigarPlanner.com now covers most of the events we talk about, filter by state to see events in your area. It’s already more up to date than the episode.

Local Spotlight: Cigar and Lounge – Watertown MA. A lounge with a walk-in humidor that contains a collection of some unique brands, multiple rooms, and a locker system.

Conspiracy corner: We finally get to the Denver International Airport – thanks to Jimmy from Colorado for all the research.

Cigar and Lounge – Watertown MA

Hidden Herf 19


Episode 18: Nick’s Novelty Hut & Marc from Maryland
– Local Spotlight: Social Cigar Factory & Lounge

A new Hack name is coined – “Comedy Chris”. We smoke a Cuban Lonsdale for this episode’s Hidden-Herf – thanks to Larry on the Cape. The general theme is scattered around firearms, the Nürburgring (not the Nuremberg Ring), your brother-in-law’s uncle’s cousin, The Retrohale, “Twins, Twins, Twins”, Candelas for St. Patrick’s Day. “Marc from Maryland” is introduced as a new remote corespondent to cover the Maryland area. He joins us for a segment and gives a live report from Social Cigar in Windsor Mill, MD as well as his recent trip to Atlanta lounges.

Current Events: We report on events at a dozen lounges: Twins, Carlo Rose, Federal Epping, Federal Dover, Cigar Shenanigans, O’Shea’s, Castro’s Nashua, Castro’s Keene. Cloud Palace, Michael’s, Victory Bar & Cigar, Tinos.

Local Spotlight: Social Cigar Factory & Lounge – Windsor Mill, MD A relatively new lounge that has been open for about three months.

Social Cigar Factory and Lounge; Windsor Mill, MD

Hidden Herf 17 – a Cuban

Episode 17: The Retrohale Special Edition
– Local Spotlight: Edward’s, Twins, Shenanigans

We are joined by Bret and Mark, hosts of the Retrohale Podcast,  for a Special Edition of the Cigar Hacks. The script quickly goes out the window as we ad-lib our way through a two hour collaboration with the Fort Collins, Colorado based Retrohale. Arguably our “most fun” episode to date.

The Special Edition “remote” format leads us down a different path for some of our regular segments including Current Events, Local Spotlight, and Conspiracy Corner but we somehow get it all covered. The Hidden Herf is almost guessed long distance and provides for another great reveal.

A sampling of topics: Hammer & Sickle sampler pack; Avalanche vs. Bruins; Denver Airport – conspiracy; Hockey trivia challenge; There should be an app for that; Bottled hose water; Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival; Curling has no checking; Cigars, Cigars, Cigars; Arnold trivia and a lot more.

Current Events: Cigars for warriors at Shenanigans, April 14

Local Spotlight: Edward’s vs. Twins vs. Shenanigans – Edward’s in Fort Collins, Colorado is now under new management since the last visit so your mileage may vary.

The Retohale Podcast / “Hand rolling is not easy”

Hidden Herf 17 with a 40 minute, 4 inch ash

Episode 16: Dom’s Asylum & Rhode Island Mike
– Local Spotlight: S&A Cigars

Two firsts for us this episode; a mobile session from Dom’s Asylum and a remote call-in from our first regional corespondent, Rhode Island Mike. With the new capability we will be able to do sessions direct from the lounge we are reviewing while interviewing the owners and staff as well as have remote call-ins from special guests and/or regional corespondents .

The topics are a bit scattered; Olympic Curling, Bourbons and Whiskies, electric cigar lighters, limousines, finding cigar events, pipe smoking, starter cigars, Free Masons, Boveda 30-day bags. La Faraona Cigars, The Dudley, fire pits, etc.

Current Events: A recap of the My Fathers Steak and Cigar Dinner. Victory Bar & Cigar wins an award, Cigar Explorations tours Atlanta. Perdomo’s YouTube Channel is on-line. The March Madness sale is this week at Two Guys. East vs. West Pint Night at Twins. Cigars for Warriors  at Cigar Shenanigans. Hiram & Solomon Cigars at Castro’s Nashua. An Evening with Miami Cigar Co. at the Ale House Cigar Bar.

Local Spotlight: S&A Cigars – Watertown MA. Another candidate for the Hidden Gem Series. A great selection of high-end and unusual finds. A friendly shop with a great customers and staff.

Conspiracy Corner: A recap of a variety of topics by Nick.

S&A Cigars; Watertown MA

Hidden Herf 16 / My Father Cigars, Cigar Dinner Menu

Electric Cigar Lighter


Episode 15: Magic Bus
– Local Spotlight: Puff The Magic

We have another maduro for the Hidden Herf and again it’s not a heavy cigar proving that color is not a reliable indication of strength. Dark cigars being heavy cigars is fake news. A discussion around two unique cigar events: Cigar Explorations Cigar Crawl and Cigars After Hours Business Networking. The cigar crawl gets us thinking about a bus of our own.

Current Events: Federal Cigar Dover has moved to the new location; 97th Anniversary party Portsmouth, 3/2. Carlo Rose – Right Off The Bat – 3/31. O’Shea’s Irish Tavern – Live entertainment Thu-Sat, March 1-3, Mando and the Goat, Jenni Lynn Duo and Thunderstruck. Castro’s Nashua – Ashton 3/2, Monday Happy Hour Series, Dunstable Cigar, 3/12. Michael’s – Fellowship of the King on 3/9.

Local Spotlight; Puff The Magic – Hyannis MA. A cigar lounge, piano bar, and oasis in a downtown location. Conspiracy Corner: Hunting Hitler – Corresponenet Mike give an account of the History Channel’s series. His interest in history and this topic fits right in to this segment.

Puff The Magic; Hyannis MA

Hidden Herf 15

Episode 14: Alternative Theory
– Local Spotlight: Plaistow Cigar Company

We start out by renaming “Conspiracy Corner” to “Alternative Theory”. The Hidden-Herf gets off to a questionable start but recovers quickly, especially after the reveal. Just another indication of how a band effects perception and more proof that a dark cigar must be a heavy cigar is fake news. Starman gets another mention – briefly, as does the goat.
Current Events: Twins – Drew Estate event on 2/23. Federal CigarMy Father Cigars Steak & Cigar Dinner at Tino’s in Hampton, NH on 2/22; Federal Dover has moved to the new location; 97th Anniversary party Portsmouth, 3/2. Carlo Rose –  Right Off The Bat – 3/31. O’Shea’s Irish Tavern – Live entertainment Wed-Sat, 2/21-24. Castro’s Nashua –Ashton 3/2, Monday Happy Hour Series, Dunstable Cigar, 3/12. Michael’s – Fellowship of the King on 3/9.
Local Spotlight; Plaistow Cigar Company – Plaistow NH. Another lounge in our Hidden Gem series. A mid-sized lounge with a wide selection of cigars in the large walk-in and stand-up cases. The best lounge chairs in the area are at this location.
Alternative Theory [Conspiracy Corner]: The derivation of the term “Conspiracy Theory”. Current events drive the discussion which centers on gun control theories. MK-Ultra get a mention and is tied into the theory of the day.
We discus Ligero, Seco, and Viso during the Hidden-Herf Recap.

Plaistow Cigar Company


Hidden Herf 14

Episode 13: Full House
– Local Spotlight: El Toro Lounge & Cigar

For this episode we have almost the entire cast of characters with six panelists and a live audience of about the same. An overflow crowd causes us to use two Hidden Herf cigar sets to accommodate all who wanted to participate. Another pair of surprises on the Hidden Herf reveal. We visit Twins to pickup the H&S engraved lighter where we met “Doc Cigar”.
Current Events: Twins – Valentines Day Wine & Cigar paring, Drew Estate event on 2/23. We do a recon mission prior to the My Father Cigars Steak & Cigar Dinner at Tino’s in Hampton, NH on 2/22. O’Shea’s – live music series continues. Victory Bar & Cigar in Worcester, MA – Corona Beach Party 2/16. Casto’s Nashua, NH – Monday Happy Hour Series continues.
Local Spotlight; El Toro Lounge & Cigar – Hudson NH. Another lounge in our Hidden Gem series. A small, intimate setting with a decent selection of cigars in the walk-in and a nice top-shelf bar.
Conspiracy Corner: A potpourri of topics; The Patriots’ loss, Tesla drives to Mars, Hillary the “hack” is back, The Democratic Memo, Q and QAnon, the swamp is getting drained soon.
Corespondent Mike’s new segment on Reality TV earns him the Fake-News title. A breaking news flash from QAnon comes in at the end of the show.

El Toro Lounge & Cigar; Hudson, NH

Tino’s Venue – Indoor/Outdoor 2nd Level Deck

Telsa drives to Mars / Hidden Herf 13A & 13B