Episode 227: Hotdog Pancake II
– Local Spotlight: Cloud Lounge; Salem NH

Comedy Chris is back and we get resolution on the Hotdog Pancake question, of course he throws in another questionable question later in the show for next week. The Hidden Herf is a barber pole lancero. It’s surprising, considering the details on the makeup of this cigar. The Reverend Harvey breaks into a monologue on his life-long cigar smoking journey. Nurse Rick fills in for Mustang Mike and Dommie the Dominator is back with the sound effects.

Local Spotlight – Cloud Lounge; Salem NH

Controversy Corner – The Cigar Store Indian and other iconic symbols.

Episode 226: Hotdog Pancake
– Local Spotlight: Corona Cigar Downtown; Orlando, FL

A member of the crew that has been on hiatus returns this week and brings us a really interesting Hidden Herf. It rates well but it’s the back story that’s even more than we expected. Comedy Chris is out this week so we hold over the Hotdog Pancake reveal until his return. Nurse Rick calls in from Florida at the perfect time for the local spotlight (seriously, not planned!) and gives us a review of another Corona Cigar location. The ESP involved in that timing could be a topic for Controversy Corner.

Local Spotlight – Corona Cigar Downtown; Orlando, FL

Controversy Corner – Devolution

Episode 225: Table for Four
– Local Spotlight: Eli’s Smoking Room and The Shriners Event

It’s a small group this week, a bunch of Hacks are out of town, but Nurse Rick calls in from sunny Florida. We have some local lounge news, a report from March Madness, updates, and more. The Hidden Herf is interesting and does well with the panel.

Local Spotlight – Eli’s Smoking Room and The Shriners Event

Controversy Corner – Look behind the curtain.

Episode 224: Presidents Day Palooza
– Local Spotlight: Touring in the Oscuro III

There are plenty of cigar related topics this week along with the usual hijinks. The Hidden Herf stumps the panel, but gets a good rating. We take the Oscuro III out on Presidents Day for a cruise around the countryside and visit four lounges.

Local Spotlight – Touring in the Oscuro III

Controversy Corner – Where Presidents and Cigars intersect

Episode 223: That’s a big Lance You Have There
– Local Spotlight: El Toro; Hudson, NH

The Hidden Herf is an 8×38 Lancero and the panel is intrigued by this one. It turns out to be an 8 year old Dominican that after a few clues Taco Steve figures out. There are the usual news and events updates, a few laughs, and plenty of cigar talk. We went to the Tobacco Shack to watch the Superbowl last Sunday and we stopped by the Drew Estate Event at El Toro this past Thursday. We have a few stories from the road.

Local Spotlight – Local Spotlight: El Toro; Hudson, NH

Controversy Corner – It turns out we were right all along!

Episode 222: I Broke My Freakin’ Leg Bro
– Local Spotlight: Plaistow Cigar; Plaistow, NH

Hackapalooza 1.0 gave us the infamous saying: “Are you trying to break my freakin’ leg bro?”. Well, this week Nurse Rick does it to himself on some black ice and then calls in while on the loopy meds. It’s pretty funny as he zones in and out of the conversation. We also have a visit from Arnie and the Silent Partner. The hidden Herf is awful wonky, some would say: “awful and wonky”. It’s the usual fun and antics along with a few laughs.

Local Spotlight – Plaistow Cigar; Plaistow, NH

Controversy Corner – Enough already and Policy vs. Pandemic

Episode 221: Hackapalooza 4.0 Part 2
– Local Spotlight: El Toro; Hudson, NH

On the remote we have Rabbi Cut-Above (aka Mike from New Jersey) as we recap the Hackapalooza weekend including getting snowed in for a day. Not only do we discuss the weather outdoors we tackle the weather inside our humidors – temperature and humidity. The Hidden Herf is an illusive but decent cigar.

Local Spotlight – El Toro; Hudson, NH

Controversy Corner – This Was CNN

The Tobacco Shack / Rocky Patel


The Oscuro III Snowed In


Episode 220: Hackapalooza 4.0 Part 1
– Local Spotlight: Reception at The Tobacco Shack; Rowley, MA

Hackapalooza 4.0 gets underway at the Tobacco Shack with the Bahama Bob Band and a Rocky Patel Event for the occasion with Mike The Cop. It’s Thursday of our annual four-day weekend bash. Bret calls in and the panel is well primed after the party at The Shack with plenty of laughs. The Hidden Herf is – let’s just say interesting, and that’s not just Whistling Dixie (or Ernie).

Local Spotlight – Reception at The Tobacco Shack; Rowley, MA and more

Controversy Corner – 5G cell interference with airliners

Episode 219: Titanium Balls
– Local Spotlight: The Bus at Cigars R Us; Danvers, MA

Resting up for Hackapalooza we do a relatively relaxing episode at The Domicile, but there are still a few good jokes. The Hidden Herf is a real wildcard this week and we have a backup just in case it’s needed. The number of events is ramping up after all the holiday hoopla has subsided. We tell a few stories, talk about where we watch football while smoking cigars, and drink some podcast juice alternatives.

Local Spotlight – The Bus at Cigars R Us; Danvers, MA

Controversy Corner – Do you really own it?

Episode 218: Pre-Game at The Tobacco Shack
– Local Spotlight: El Toro; Hudson, NH

Three Hacks walk into a cigar lounge… We do a small group show with Eastie Paul of the Tobacco Shack before the Pats/Bills game. It starts out quiet, but as we get closer to game more hecklers arrive. Have some cream pie and a chocolate bourbon with that newly released Hidden Herf. Yankee Bill tags in for Mr. Mybalzich.

Local Spotlight – The Tobacco Shack; Rowley, MAEl Toro; Hudson, NH

Controversy Corner – Do you remember 2019?